Insights from Marc Tshibasu on the future of tech startups in Kinshasa  (

Insights from Marc Tshibasu on the future of tech startups in Kinshasa 


With a rich background in sales, marketing, and talent development, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table as he shares insights on revolutionising innovation and fostering technology advances in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In this exclusive interview for TechCabal, he discusses with Marc Tshibasu, head of Orange Digital Centre in Kinshasa, and they touch on the major needs of startups in Kinshasa and how the tech ecosystem is evolving in the country.

Tshiani is the founder of Congo Business Network.


    • What is Orange Digital Centre aiming to achieve in Kinshasa, and what are its priorities for this year
    • How do you envision the tech and startup ecosystem evolving in Kinshasa in 2023 and 2024
    • What do you consider the main challenges currently facing startups in the country What is the primary need of the startup ecosystem in Kinshasa today Is it fundraising, skills development, or government support And what role can Orange Digital Centre play in addressing these needs
    • What role should the government play in assisting startups growth and promoting the digital sector in the country What are the greatest opportunities for collaboration between the government, startups, and the private sector at large
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