Clickbait websites are using AI to generate content (

Clickbait websites are using AI to generate content


Some sites publish hundreds of articles daily, including content that promotes false narratives.

While AI software developers like OpenAI have implemented certain guardrails to prevent misuse, the researchers found that these tools can still be easily weaponized to produce misinformation and circumvent safeguards.

Identifying AIgenerated content can be challenging without specialized tools, but the researchers discovered a common indicator among the identified websites.

AIgenerated content allows website operators to reduce costs by eliminating the need for human writers, which may be attractive to some.

The report also raises concerns about the lack of transparency and ownership disclosure among these websites, which cover various topics such as politics, health, entertainment, finance, and technology.

The study identified 49 websites across seven languages that appear to be created primarily or entirely by artificial intelligence language models designed to mimic human communication.

However, the report suggests that these websites are just the beginning and that there are many more websites that may be operating at a higher level of quality.


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