How to Become a Top Fan on Facebook With Ease (2023) (

How to Become a Top Fan on Facebook With Ease (2023)


In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be writing about how to become a top fan on Facebook easily. Becoming a top fan on Facebook is a feature that allows users to receive a special badge next to their name on a Facebook page. This badge signifies their status as a highly engaged and active follower.

The top fan badge is a way to appreciate and acknowledge your active participation. It’s a way to highlight your commitment and make you feel special within the community of followers. So, if you see someone with a top fan badge, you know they are highly engaged with that page. Now, do you want to become a top fan on Facebook?

When you become a top fan on Facebook, it comes with several benefits for both users and page owners. As a user, being a top fan brings a sense of pride and credibility in the online world. It can enhance your popularity on Facebook and make others see you as a trusted figure.

Benefits of the Top Fan Feature on Facebook

If you become a top fan on Facebook, you’ll gain popularity and people will value your opinions more. Also, the page owner might reward you with an award or gift as a sign of your loyalty. In addition, page owners can benefit from the top fan feature by gauging the loyalty of their fans.

The top fan feature allows page owners to recognize and reward these dedicated fans, which is particularly advantageous for business pages. It serves as a free tool for them for promoting, conducting surveys, and marketing products. Overall, using the top fan feature can be advantageous for businesses, making it a valuable tool.

How to Become a Top Fan on Facebook

To become a top fan on Facebook, follow these steps:

Step 1. Be Active

You need to be active on the page. This means liking posts, leaving comments, and watching videos on the page. If you want to get the top fan badge quickly, make sure to spend time regularly engaging with the page by doing these activities.

Step 2. Always Comment

You must make sure that you leave thoughtful comments frequently. Engage in discussions and aim to receive responses or reactions from others. This indicates that your comments are relevant and meaningful.

Step 3. Share Posts From Page

Finally, you can become a top fan on Facebook by sharing posts from the page or tagging your Facebook friends. This helps to boost interaction on the posts and comments you make. It’s an easy way to accelerate your progress towards earning the top fan badge.

Step 4. Wait for Top Fan Notification

You need to wait for a notification to know if you’ve become a top fan. The time it takes to become a top fan can vary, but once you become one, you will receive a notification. You can find this notification on the main page of Facebook, where your other notifications are displayed.

Take note that the page owner has no power to individually hand top fan badges to his followers. It comes automatically from Facebook, hence the varying time it takes to become a top fan on Facebook.

How to Display Your Top Fan Badge

Click on “Display Top Fan Badge” to show your Top Fan status. This will make your status visible next to your name when you leave comments on the page. It will also be shown next to your name on any previous interactions you’ve had with the page, such as comments or posts.

Top Fan badges are specific to each page. You can be a Top Fan of multiple pages or just one.

To stay as a Top Fan, you need to keep engaging with the page. The Top Fan badges are updated every week, so if you stop interacting with the page, you may lose your badge within 7 days. You can maintain your Top Fan status by liking, commenting, sharing, and interacting with the page regularly.

However, if the admin of the page disables the Top Fan badge option, you will also lose your Top Fan status. If you want to manually turn off your Top Fan badge, go to your profile, click the three dots below your name, select “Manage Top Fan Badge,” and toggle the switch to “Off.”


Being a top fan has many advantages, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. You’ll become more popular and your opinions will be more highly thought of. Plus, the page admin might give you a special gift to show their appreciation for your loyalty. You can easily become a top fan on Facebook by following the steps as shown above.

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