Sultan of Sokoto: An Historical List (

Sultan of Sokoto: An Historical List


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Discover the rich history of the Sultan of Sokoto with this comprehensive list. From the earliest rulers to the present day, explore the legacy of this esteemed title.

The sultan of Sokoto is the traditional ruler of the Sokoto Caliphate, a Sunni Muslim community in West Africa.

The current sultan, Sa’adu Abubakar, has held the position since 2006.

The sultan is also the leader of the Qadiriyya Sufi order, which is historically the most important Muslim position in Nigeria.

The role of the sultan has become more ceremonial since British rule, but still holds influence among the Fulani and Hausa people in northern Nigeria.

The title of sultan was first assumed by Muhammed Bello, the son of the founder of the Sokoto State and the Fulani Empire.

There have been nineteen sultans of Sokoto since the creation of the title, with Siddiq Abubakar III serving the longest term from 1938 to 1988.

The Torodbe clan, from which the sultans are descended, initially recruited members from various levels of society and adopted aspects of Fulani culture while maintaining a separate identity.

Sultan of Sokoto List

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The Sultan of Sokoto List refers to a list of sultans who held the title of Amir al-Mu´minin and Sarkin Musulmi, which means “King of the Muslims” in the local language.

The title of Mai is also used by some sultans.

These titles are used by independent sovereign Muslim rulers who claim legitimacy from the Muslim community.

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