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8-Step Guide to Start a Pet Funeral Home & Crematory Service Business

8-Step Guide to Start a Pet Funeral Home & Crematory Service Business
Written by Okosun John

Running a pet funeral home gives you to earn money while helping pet owners put their pets to rest… and here all what you need to know.

A pet funeral home or pet funeral service is one unsaturated business you would want to venture into.

Owners of pets are emotionally tied to them. Hence majority would want to cremate their pets such as Dogs, Cats, etc.

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Running a pet funeral home gives you to earn money while helping pet owners put their pets to rest.

What is a Pet Funeral Home?

A pet funeral home or pet funeral service is a business that provides burial and cremation services for dead pets and their families.

These services may include the provision of a chapel for the funeral, pet cremation, provision of a view room, and pet pick-up services.

Pet Funeral Services to Offer

There are various pet funeral services you can offer as a business. Below are some of the most important ones.

Pet cremation Services

Pet Cremation may refer to the burning of the body of pets which many people see as a respectful funeral service of our loved one.

When you are running a pet funeral home, you have to offer pet cremation services as many peoples would want to have the ashes of their dead pets.

Pet cremation cost

Pet cremation costs vary depending on the size of your pet and the style of cremation you select.

The most affordable option is communal cremation, which usually costs less than $70.

Private cremation, on the other hand, can cost up to $250, but it usually comes with a basic pet urn in which the ashes will be returned.

Laser Engraving Services

You can include Engraving services which aren’t just for memorial items.

Engraving services can be done on anything from leather to metal to marble.

Urns and stones can be purchased and engraved with a personal message.

Chapel & View Rooms

You can provide a space where families can say their final goodbyes to their beloved pets in a warm, welcoming environment.

Veterinarians can euthanize pets in the rooms.

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You might also have a Chapel with seating for up to 60 people, which could be utilized for a memorial ceremony or a commemoration of a deceased pet.

Pet Pick Up & Delivery

When a pet dies, the family or owner could request a pick-up service from either the veterinarian’s shop or their home.

You could run this service at an additional cost.

Also, you could deliver the remains of a cremated pet to the family.

How to start a Pet Funeral Home & Crematory Service Business

Realizing that operating a pet funeral home gives us the opportunity to start a pet funeral service business.

sleeping dog
Credits: Pixabay

I have taken time to research how best to start a pet funeral home business.

The love of pets can not be underestimated and just like losing a loved one, when you lose a pet, then getting the best service for its funeral might just be what fulfills your desire.

The next steps show you how to start a pet funeral home and crematory business.

Become a Pet Funeral Director

While you could just dive into some business ideas, starting a pet funeral service business, would require a level of expertise.

If you have not worked in a funeral home before, now is the best time to get to work.

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Learn the important tips, take classes and get set up as a funeral director.

Market research

Study the potential of the pet funeral home business. It is a long-term business plan or something that would start working instantly.

I read a few articles and would clearly say… without proper market and competition study, you would hardly make it doing this business.

Hence, get to the board, take surveys, ask questions, see what your competitors are doing.

Draft all these together before thinking about starting a pet funeral home.

Draft a Business Plan

Pet funeral service is going to require some planning. From the data you have collected earlier, you have to write a well-detailed business plan.

This plan should include, how you intend to start, run and manage the company in the next 5 years.

Would it require huge finances? would you be needing a kind of investor?… or will your personal funds be enough?

There should be details to write down.

Research Business name & Create logo for your business

Your business name is the first identity your pet funeral home is going to have. So, you have to be sure you are choosing the right name for this kind of business.

You could ask friends and family for suggestions.

I remember a few years ago while trying to come up with a new business name, I opened a poll on Facebook and got many of my friends talking.

That isn’t a bad idea. You need to exhaust any source you have to come up with a business name.

After finding a perfect business name for your pet funeral service, next you need to create a logo.

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There are a lot of online tools to create both free and premium logos but I always encourage saving a few buds and paying for the services of a graphic designer.

Business registration/legal requirements

Before you can operate your pet funeral home, you need to register your company.

Aside from making such, you align with the government, running a registered business gives you loans, credit, and grants opportunities from both public and private sectors.

A registered business also grabs the attention of customers as the business looks professional and legit.

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So, get your pet funeral service registered.

Create business account

A business account will help you separate your personal finances from that of your business finances.

One thing you don’t want is having your business and personal spending together.

If you are going to pay workers, buy equipment, etc. all that should happen from your business account.

How do you create a business account? Well, visit your preferred bank and submit an application to create a business account.

They would request your pet funeral home details such as registration details.

Apply for permits & Business insurance

Does your new line of business, require some kind of government permit? If it does, you have got to apply for them.

Get all the necessary permits needed before you get started.

You would also need to get insurance. Your business needs insurance.

Since you are going to be offering cremation services, delivery, pick-ups, etc. You would need insurance to cover all the stuff that could go road.

Secure Funding

There are various ways to fund your pet funeral home. Let’s be clear on this.

You can’t start a pet funeral home or cremation business with $10,000. You would need a house, a delivery/pickup truck, insurance, workers, etc.

There are a lot of things you have got to cover.

Now, except you have been saving for this. You might need to look elsewhere for funds.

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Such as meeting friends and relations for help or better searching for venture capitalists to invest in your pet funeral home business.

How to Advertise your Pet Funeral Service

Many businesses have failed because they have failed to understand the power of marketing.

Credits: Pixabay

Let me be clear with you… If you are not willing to market your business, don’t even both to start!

Strategies to market your per funeral service business should already be written down in your business plan.

However, I will share some tips with you;

Create a website

A website is a must-have if you want to find more customers and look professional.

Many pet lovers are going to want to search for ways to ensure their pets are properly cremated.

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And that’s where your website pops up.

So, you have to be ready to build that website for your business.

Here is the Goodnews… Building a website is very easy.

You could either

  1. Hire a developer or
  2. Build it yourself

Any option would do.

Billboards & Banners

Though online advertisement is striving, physical billboards and banners still do the job.

Do you know of popular veterinarians in your state or city? If you do, why not place huge billboards around it?

It could be along the road leading to it.

Anywhere you can easily get the attention of people visiting the veterinarian shop.

Local Veterinarians

Although you could place adverts around them, you could also further your game by meeting with these veterinarians and creating a friendship or partnership.

In this way, it becomes easy for them to recommend you to their customers whenever they lose a pet.

Believe, this would skyrocket your pet funeral home.

A lot of pet owners believe in their veterinarians and if you can grab that recommendation then it’s worth it.

Online directories

Back to what you can do online.

There are a lot of directories where you can publish your pet funeral services.

These websites receive tons of human visitors daily. Be sure to properly describe your business so they can easily contact you.

You can also create a business page on Google Business.

This would bring your pet funeral home up in SERPs whenever someone such for anything related.

Twitter and other social media platforms

Twitter has grown to become one of the largest social networks and this makes it a potential source of customers.

You can create an account and post pet-related content in other to get the attention of pet lovers and owners.

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Also, running paid advertisements on these platforms can help boost your company’s brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pet Funeral Home & Crematory Service Business

How much is a funeral for a pet?

The typical cost of burying a pet is from $1,500 to $2,000. Because the statistics vary so much from region to region, this isn’t a very fair estimate of how much simple pet burials cost.

Is it better to cremate or bury a pet?

Making the decision to have your pet cremated or buried is a highly emotional one.

When it comes to pets, cremation is the preferred method for the majority of people.

Cremation is more cost-effective in general because it is readily available in most places.

How much does it cost to cremate a small pet?

Pet cremation costs can range from roughly $30 for a small animal communal cremation to $250 or more for an individual cremation for a large animal.

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