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How to Create & Price Photography and Videography Wedding Packages

How to Create & Price Photography and Videography Wedding Packages
Written by Okosun John

Today we will talk about how to create and price your photography and videography wedding packages.

Today we will talk about how to create and price your photography and videography wedding packages.

When starting to offer photography and videography wedding packages, first of all, you need to know how you want to price yourself.

You need to know what you’re valued based on your location and experience.

so, we’re going to talk under the assumption that you know about the pricing strategy.

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Like you know your pricing strategy, you know how much you’re going to start charging for photography and videography wedding packages.

Decide Number of Packages to Offer

Building photography and videography wedding packages for me could be as many as you wish.

It could be three, four, five, etc.

However, my advice or tip on choosing the number of photography and videography wedding packages to offer, is that you should not give too many options.

I think it gets really overwhelming for people.

You’re probably not the first photographer that they have seen or come to their website.

There are a lot of different options out there so if you can just consolidate those into three or four packages,

it will reduce the confusion and the overwhelmingness of the options.

Honestly, you do not want people to feel overwhelmed.

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It’s possible to create custom photography and videography wedding packages but again that is like a case-by-case basis.

Instead of saying oh well if you have needed 4-, 5-, 6-, or 7-hours coverage.

Like you have ten packages on your website… that’s overwhelming.

Don’t do that!

so really try to get three or four main packages and then you can customize those with your couples like not advertised on your website.

You do well to add a little line that you can customize your packages to fit any couple’s needs.

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That’s something that you can add.

Creating Your Photography and Videography Wedding Packages

Let’s just say we’re going to have three packages the first one is going to be the more economic one.

More like your base package.  This is 5 hours of wedding coverage.

Credits: Pixabay

Customers would still get their gallery and edited photos.

The second package is more of the package you would want people to actually book.

For that, you could give 7 hours of wedding coverage.

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But also, you can add a pick of a complimentary engagement or bridal session with that package.

If you are going to offer complimentary engagement or bridal sessions,

just beware people will ask you… If they do not want to do that i.e. if they don’t want the complimentary engagement session, can they get a reduced rate on the package?

And that’s the exact reason you should call it complimentary on your packages because, in such scenarios, you can come and say it’s complimentary.

The package price is still the same. whether you use it or not.

However, you can decide to do yours differently.

But that’s just like a small tip which you can try out.

The third package will contain 9 hours of wedding coverage.

Also, the pick of an added engagement or bridal session, and then maybe you even add like a free 10 by 10 canvas to that package.

Since you’re offering to different kinds of clients.

If somebody’s a bit more budget-conscious, they can book your lower package.

If they want a bit more of an experience, they can purchase the higher two packages as well.

Choose Hours Per Photography and Videography Wedding Packages

Deciding the number of hours to implement per package totally depends on you.

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You could pick 7-8 hours depending on how you want to increment your time.

There could be a breakdown of 5-7-9 hours. Some people do 7-8-10 hours while some people do 4-6-8 hours.

it’s really how you prefer or would like to do it.

That middle package 7-8 hours or maybe even 6-8 hours is perfect for you to get everything you want to be done on a wedding day.

if you have a team of photographers maybe you wouldn’t need as much time.

Bear in mind if you work alone, couples could ask to contract a second photographer.

That’s a side note anyway.

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So, you have your three main photography and videography wedding packages and you price them based on the pricing strategy that you want to implement.

Pricing Your Packages

Let’s say you want to charge $250 an hour for your weddings,

so, $250 x 5 = $1250

That is your more budget-conscious package. They just want wedding coverage kind of couple.

For your second package,

$250 x 7 = $1750

so, for two more hours of coverage on their wedding day, they also get that complimentary engagement or bridal session.

if they wanted to add that.

Because engagement and bridal sessions could be 2hours. Some people even do 3 hours.

This means if each hour would cost them what $250 so like $500 extra.

but if they pick package number two, they get that and also two additional hours of wedding coverage.

It’s kind of the better deal if they want a bit more of an experience and I definitely think not just money-wise.

Money-wise out of it, having an engagement session or a bridal portrait session beforehand lets you really vibe with your couples.

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They get to view your work because you edit and send them their engagement photos.

if they hate them, they can book elsewhere.

It really helps you meet your couples beforehand so that’s another reason why I really like that middle package.

Because they get the complimentary engagement session but you get to meet them before their actual wedding day.

Get to go over poses, get comfortable with each other. it’s just all-around a good time.

For the third package,

9hours = $2,250.

So again, maybe you throw in the free canvas or maybe you even round up to $2,300 because you are throwing in a free canvas or a complimentary canvas.

I’ve heard that if you use the term ‘FREE’ it cheapens it.

so, you throw in the complimentary engagement or bridal session and a complimentary canvas and then you round up the pricing to $2300.

That’s going to be for the high-end clients and if that’s what you’re after, perfect.

it’s great to have three different photography and videography wedding packages for three different kinds of brides or couples that you know again.

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For example, if you’re a bit more budget conscious and you like my work but you just want me on your wedding day, there’s a photography and videography wedding package for you.

However, I recommend you choose the middle package but also if you want a higher-end then you go with the third package with canvas included.

If you want a second photographer with that package, you could offer that at package three. You get two photographers, a complimentary engagement session, and 9 hours of wedding coverage.

There are different things that you can do based on you and what you want to do with your photography and videography wedding packages.

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