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Is PIR Mobile Loans Legit? We Reviewed the Service to Find Out

Is PIR Mobile Loans Legit? We Reviewed the Service to Find Out
Written by Adewale Mudasiru

One way to get the money you need is to borrow it from family and friends or through an established lending institution such as a bank or credit union. However, these are not the only options available to you if you need fast cash, and that’s where PIR Mobile Loans comes in.

PIR Mobile Loans provides mobile loans to people who need quick cash at competitive rates and no credit check required, so you don’t have to worry about failing credit checks or any other barriers that can come up when applying for loans through more traditional institutions.

What is Pir Mobile Loan?

Is PIR Mobile Loans Legit? We Reviewed the Service to Find Out
Is PIR Mobile Loans Legit? We Reviewed the Service to Find Out

Pir Mobile Loan is a micro-finance platform that provides small loans for people who want to purchase personal items on credit. The average loan amount ranges from $200 to $2,000, depending on individual requirements and history with other loan services. Borrowers typically use their loans for goods like televisions, kitchen appliances, furniture and automobiles.

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Pir Mobile Loan does not provide loans for education or medical purposes. While these loans are available through partner services, they are currently available only in Latin America and Europe. The company also offers an online platform that allows borrowers to send repayment reminders through email or text messages so they can continue spending money while still making payments towards their loans.

The technology behind the app

So how does it work, you ask? First off, here’s a quick rundown of exactly what they do: they offer short-term personal loans. Their target audience is primarily people with bad credit. However, their application process doesn’t require a cosigner or collateral (as most other similar services do).

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The mobile loan app makes it possible for people to get approved based on their monthly income and employment history. Once a person has been approved for a loan via the PIR Mobile Loans app, they can receive up to $1000 over an extended period (typically between 2-4 weeks). These loans are meant for life emergencies such as car repair, medical costs or rent payments that come up suddenly.

The application process

It’s important to know about your mobile loan app and how it works before deciding whether or not you want to join. The application process is pretty simple: You first need to download the app from the App Store, register and fill out the loan form with information such as your name, contact details, and income and then choose a payment plan. Once you’ve set up your repayment schedule, you’ll get confirmation from PIR Mobile that your application has been processed. From there, you’re good to go!

How to do business with them

Since Pir provides an online-only service, you won’t be doing business with them directly. Instead, your money is provided by a third party. Pir doesn’t reveal who these third parties are on their website but does note that you’ll be working with professional cash advance companies in all cases. Once you fill out your application and it has been approved (an instant process), someone from a lending agency will contact you regarding your loan request.

Is PIR Mobile Loans Safe?

With so many companies offering mobile loans these days, consumers are bombarded with offers. If you find one that seems too good to be true, it probably is. We were intrigued when a friend mentioned they’d used PIR Mobile Loans and had a positive experience. After doing some research on our own, we concluded that it’s definitely not a scam—but we also found some downsides for consumers and red flags in regards to charging practices. Read on for our complete review of PIR Mobile Loans!

Is PIR Mobile Loans Legit?

While some people can qualify for a loan through traditional banks, many applicants are left out in the cold. If you’ve been turned down by your bank or don’t want a loan with such stringent terms, you might want to check out an alternative lending service like PIR Mobile Loans.

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The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and boasts a 90% approval rate. Is it legit? That’s what we were wondering as well. So we decided to dig into some of our concerns and research how and why they approve so many applications and whether or not their rates are competitive.

Our recommendation

If you need a personal loan, you have several options. If you have friends or family members willing to lend you money, approach them first. When it comes to getting a personal loan (especially for amounts over $5,000), your best bet is almost always going to be through a bank or credit union in your community because their rates are usually significantly lower than what companies like Lending Club and Prosper will offer.

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Furthermore, having an established relationship with someone at your local institution can help ensure that your application is processed faster than if you were just an anonymous borrower off of these online sites.

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