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Portable Hot Tub Rental – Earn $1200 Monthly Running a Rent a Hot Tub Business

Portable Hot Tub Rental - Earn $1200 Monthly Running a Rent a Hot Tub Business
Written by Okosun John

Need a new side hustle? “Rent a hot tub” could be the goldmine. Here is a practical A-Z guide on how to start a hot tub rental business.

A portable hot tub rental business could be your next goldmine to earn at least $1200 a month.

But that’s if you know exactly how to start a hot tub rental business.

Having a side hustle aside from your main job could make you a millionaire. Many types of research actually show that the average millionaire has about 3 jobs or side hustles.

So, is the hot tub rental business profitable?


Learning how to start a hot tub rental business also known as spa rental or Jacuzzi for rent business is a simple yet profitable business idea for anyone.

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Its starting cost is moderate and finding customers to rent a hot tub is pretty easy.

Especially now a lot of rentals such as Airbnb are in high need of hot tub rental services.

So, let’s get started.

What is a hot tub Rental Business?

Generally, a hot tub is a “large tub full of water used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure.” – Wikipedia.

hot tub
Credits: Pixabay

Not everyone can afford to get a hot tub for his or her home. Hence, a lot of individuals especially those running short let services would prefer to rent a hot tub.

Making spa rental or portable hot tub rental services a profitable business to venture into.

But before learning how to start a hot tub rental business,

You need to.

Know About Hot Tubs

To have success in any business, it is recommended to study not just the business model but the product and business tools.

Many side hustlers, often jump into business ideas without actually studying the actual product.

  • What are the common problems faced by hot tubs?
  • Is it better to make one, buy a new or buy an old hot tub?
  • Do I need to have a service man to fix common issues?
  • Do hot tubs have long services life?
  • Which brand offers the best hot tubs and Jacuzzis?
  • how much does a hot tub cost?
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These are a few questions you need to have answers to before starting out on opening a mobile hot tub rental business.

Else you could enter some product-related issues which would leave you stranded.

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Nobody wants to start a business and end up failing. Both finances and efforts are going to be wasted.

Therefore, I advise you to take your time and understand Hot tubs and Jacuzzis.

So, what next?

Analyze your potential market.

Every business is can be successful but not everywhere and in every condition.

Starting a portable hot tub rental business could be very profitable but you have to study your market options before stepping out.

As part of studying your market options, here are some of the things you need to keep note of.

Demand for product

Is there a high demand for Spas and Jacuzzis in your potential location?

To know this, you can easily run a survey. It could be online or just a friendly handout to your neighbors (if you intend to start off from your home).

Also, bring yourself into consideration. what reason would I have to rent a hot tub? If your feedbacks are affirmative, then it’s time for the next analysis.

Market competition (Saturation)

Often times you find an easy-to-sell product due to high demand but however, the competition would be high.

When you have many persons already doing the same thing then making such a business a side hustle could be a waste of time.

Hence take out some time and research on the possible competition.

Start by checking out the number of shops already renting out Jacuzzis. Also, note if customers in your target location also have favorite shops.

Starting Costs and Tools

Running a rent a hot tub business is profitable and also the starting cost is a bit moderate.

Obviously, to start a hot tub business, you would need a hot tub. LOL.

Well, here are important tools you would need.

  1. At least 2 Hot tubs
  2. A trailer or pickup truck
  3. Storage house

Then when it comes to installation, you would be needing a source of water and electricity.

You can purchase hot tubs from local dealers or online on Amazon for about $600.

Be careful when buying hot tubs for the Jacuzzi for rent business. Because a damaged jacuzzi could bring a shortage in profits to your new startup.

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Having a trailer or pickup truck is advantageous because you are going to need it for the delivery of these hot tubs to clients.

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You could easily use your home as a storage house while you are starting your portable hot tub rental business.

In the end, the total cost of starting a hot tub rental business is about $2,000 at minimum.

Apply for licenses and permits

Look into what permits and government laws you’ll need to operate lawfully once you’ve figured out how to start your new rental business.

Apply for licenses and permits
Credits: Pixabay

You don’t want to get into trouble with the law.

Every business is governed by the rules that apply to comparable firms in that location, as well as basic regulations that apply to all enterprises.

As a result, you should get legal advice before launching your rent a hot tub business.

Because spending time and money upfront to acquire legal guidance might save you a lot of trouble later on.

How to Market a Hot Tub Rental Business

Getting customers to purchase your product is as important as the business itself.

When it comes to running a business, you have to plan out how to market it for high returns.

Marketing for a mobile hot tub rental business is not so different from other forms of business.

Here are some of the efficient ways to market your hot tub business.

Build a website

The recent generation of marketing has brought the advent of websites for businesses.

Nearly every business has a website. But why?

Through a website, you can easily reach out to the billions of customers on the internet.

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Google and other search engines have been the biggest sources of free customers to any form of business and for you to access this pool of customers.

You need a website.

To start out with a website, you could build one by yourself or hire an expert to do that for you.

If you wish to build one yourself, you can get the below items;

  1. Web Hosting start from $100 at Bluehost
  2. Domain name start from $10 at Namecheap
  3. WordPress theme start from $30 at Themeforest.

To save time… you can hire my services (as a developer) to build any form of a Jacuzzi for rent website.

  1. Hire a developer

Social Media Marketing

The last couple of years has seen so many social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc spring up with millions of users.

Running your portable hot tub rental business marketing on these websites would be ideal, if not the best option.

To start up, create a page for your business on Facebook, create an Instagram and Twitter account.

Create adverts for your business and scale up your sales.

Word of The Mouth & Referral

Your first set of customers is not always very far.

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Speaking to friends and associates about your new hot tub rental business is a very good place to start your marketing.

You could also pay visits to your neighbors or at least go to places with a few persons in your target area and practice word of the mouth marketing.

Let them know what you offer and why they need it.

Most times, people you tell might not request your service, but they can help refer others.

Google Business Page (Google Marketing for Hot Tubs)

Google is one of the most searched engines for results on products and services.

This makes opening a free google business page ideal for your new mobile hot tub rental business.

Be sure to properly optimize your business page.

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You need to make sure you can easily be reached by potential customers.

Hence, you should add your contacts and address for proper google marketing for hot tubs.

FAQ on How to Start a Hot Tub Rental Business

How to manage your rent a hot tub business & full-time job

If you already have a 9-5 job, you could practice the hot tub rental business as a side hustle. You could have a website to take orders, your wife or relative to take physical orders and make deliveries whenever you are back or before going to work.

Is the hot tub business profitable?

Yes. The hot tub business is very profitable. You could make as much as $1200 monthly in profits running a hot tub rental service.

All you need is a startup investment and proper marketing skills to scale up your business.

Are hot tubs good investments?

Yes. Hot tubs are a good investment if you understand what exactly you are doing. You could run a hot tub renting business or use hot tubs to increase the profit generated from an Airbnb short let.

How much value does a hot tub add to an Airbnb?

Up to $5,000 profit. If you are running an Airbnb business, you could rent a hot tub or purchase one to improve the value of your apartment.

What is the profit margin on a hot tub?

About 60%. Hot tub rental business, posses’ lot of profits if you are in an area of high demand and low competition. Hence study your purchase market before venting into the jacuzzi or hot tub rental business.
You could charge as high as;

$209 for a weekend

$269 for a full week

$499 for a full month

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