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29 Profitable Box Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today

29 Profitable Box Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today
Written by Okosun John

Are you looking for a business idea? Here are 29 profitable box truck business ideas that can be started today.

Having a box truck is a gain and not a loss. But that’s only true if you know profitable box truck business ideas to start.

I will be sharing with you the best box truck business opportunities you can start now.

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Delivery Service

While national delivery services like USPS, FedEx, and UPS are available,

individuals frequently want products to be delivered to neighboring places in a faster timeframe than these services can give.

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You can therefore run a delivery service within a specific area since you would deliver quick or same-day.

You may specialize in one form of delivery, such as food delivery, or you could deliver a variety of products.

Moving Service

A moving business may be the appropriate match for you if you’re searching for flexible Box Truck Business Ideas, side hustle, or want to start your own business without a lot of expense.

A storefront and merchandise are required to start a retail company.

A moving service, on the other hand, offers cheap startup fees, especially if you already possess a box truck.

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You’ll also benefit from flexible hours and competitive hourly pay.

Mobile Billboard

If you have a box truck that moves around all the time running deliveries or moving items, you can increase your revenue by turning it into a mobile Billboard.

There are some websites to get started with such as; Carvertise.

You get paid to place banners on your box truck.

During elections, you can also get paid by politicians to place their adverts on your box truck.

Aside from these, local companies might also be willing to place adverts on your box truck.

This is one of the box truck business ideas you can implement instantly.

Mobile Food Truck

For people who are good cooks or caterers, having a mobile food truck could be your dream box truck business opportunities come through.

fast food
Credits: Pixabay

While renting a shop and pay huge fees at the end of the month when your box truck could be your shop?

A mobile food truck serves the purpose of meeting customers at the point of their needs.

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Running a mobile food truck is very profitable hence I added it to my list of profitable box truck business ideas.

Independent Contractor

Local shops, companies, farmers, etc. are always in need of box trucks to transport their products from one place to another.

You can start your own independent contractor box truck business and start generating monthly income.

There are a lot of companies who would want to have scheduled delivery with you simply because they don’t have their own trucks.

What do you think of this box truck business opportunities? Will you try it out…? let me know!

Rental Services

You don’t feel like driving around or do you have more than one box truck? Then you could start renting out your box truck for money.

Box truck rental services could be very big business up to you owning hundreds of trucks.

Hence, I recommend you start very well by planning your module of operation.

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Write your business plan, create a website and if possible, get the needed permits and licenses.

Truck Review Services

Searching on YouTube, I found a lot of people running channels for box trucks.

What do they do? They make reviews of components of box trucks, how to find jobs for your box truck, things you shouldn’t carry with your box truck, etc.

You could also start the same. You got to have a nice camera and take every month of driving your box truck. It doesn’t cost much.

And I don’t think you need licenses to do that. This makes box truck review services another box truck business ideas you can try out.

Pest Control Business

If you have ever managed a pest control business, then you have to agree that the equipment is heavy and thus requires the use of a box truck.

You can rent out your box truck to people running this business as a contractor.

It’s definitely an easy box truck business Ideas to make money fast.

Courier Service

The need for courier services is increasing as more individuals purchase things online.

Starting a courier business may be a smart decision for box truck owners who want to be their own boss and manage their own flexible, in-demand business.

Especially in the current context of rising reliance on quality and trustworthy courier services.

Truck Driving School

Do you realize a lot of people don’t own trucks but they wish to learn how to drive a box truck?

Well, here is your box truck business opportunities to make some passive income.

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Get ahead and start a truck driving school. Since you already have a truck, all you need would be let’s say

  1. A business name and logo
  2. A website – create one yourself or hire a developer
  3. Licenses and permits.

And boom… you are on your way to making real money with your box truck. This is one of the best box truck business ideas you should start today.

Haulage Service

The need for haulage services continues to rise.

This is due to the fact that many economic operations need logistical solutions for transporting goods from producers to consumers or sellers to purchasers.

The industry’s importance is becoming increasingly recognized. Because nearly all commercial operations involve transporting services of various sorts,

the haulage and logistics sector has become a lucrative field with box truck business opportunities to get into if you possess a box truck or want to acquire one.

Ambulance Service

An ambulance service is very important in society.

You could start up your side hustle of helping move emergency cases to the hospital with your box truck.

Credits: Pixabay

Aside from that, you can also run mortuary services.

Where you help people move their dead ones to the mortuary or to the burial site.

Livestock/Farm Produce Transportation

Livestock and farm produce are heavy and not every farmer has a truck.

Especially small-scale farmers. The need for a box truck arises. Well, that’s what you have been waiting for!

Transporting farm products from farms to warehouses or markets is one business you can comfortably start with your box truck.

Are you giving these box truck business Ideas a try? Let me know in the comment box.

Furniture Pick-up Service

A few days ago I read on quora how to make money running furniture pick-up services.

The dude was like;

When I needed cash, I park in front of a furniture store such as Bobs. To get myself busy, I just read a book with a window cracked.

In a few hours, someone always comes up with; Hey I just bought some new piece of furniture would you mind helping move them to my place?

I will give you $$ amount of money for 15 minutes of your time. I will even load and unload it.”

I think these are great box truck business Ideas to try out.

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You could start a furniture pick-up service as a full-time job or a part-time.

You could partner with furniture sellers who don’t have trucks… And that’s your dollar bills getting paid.

Trash Removal and Disposal Services

Many persons pay monthly to get their trash disposed of.

If you don’t mind carrying trash, you could start a disposal side hustle. Does it pay?

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You can make a lot of money disposing of trash for residents.

Let’s assume you got on contract 100 persons a week. And each pays $20 per week to dispose of their trash.

That amounts to $2,000 a week. And for a month we have $8,000.

These are some box truck business ideas to try out.

Mobile Ice Cream Shop

Do you know you can turn your box truck into an Ice cream shop?

You have seen others do it?

Well, it is highly profitable. If you are a good seller of sweet ice creams or you can make them by yourself, then starting an Ice cream shop with your box truck, is not a bad idea.

Building Materials Delivery Service

Moving building materials from one site to another could be a tough task for small business contractors.

Then offering this service and getting paid is worth considering.

You can help these contractors move their materials using your box truck.

This is one of the best truck business ideas to try out.

Restaurant/Pizza Delivery

Using your box truck to start a pizza delivery service might be the solution to your issues i.e the perfect box truck business Ideas.

It’s a business that’s now booming as a result of rising restaurant meal demand.

If you want to establish a pizza delivery business, you must first learn what it takes to get started.

Towing Services

Every day, vehicles break down and owners are left stranded as these vehicles could be parked illegally.

Running a box truck towing service means you would have to transfer these vehicles to repair shops, impound lots, and other areas.

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You could also provide roadside help in an emergency. Find out how to establish your own towing business and if it’s the best box truck business Ideas for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Box Truck Business Ideas

Do you need a CDL license to drive a box truck?

A basic license (“Class C”) is required in some jurisdictions, such as California, to operate any vehicle weighing less than 26,000 lbs. GVWR and/or pull a trailer weighing up to 10,000 lbs.

For private use, several states employ a “Class D” license, whereas commercial usage requires a “Class C” license. Some automobiles use “air assist” brakes that appear to be within Class C restrictions and fulfill the wording of the law.

Some states, such as Las Vegas, have lower weight limitations for basic noncommercial driver’s licenses (10,000 lbs.).

Check your state’s licensing requirements as well as your license’s restrictions.

Your state may demand a commercial license if you will be compensated to operate the car.

In most places, driving “out of class” is prohibited.

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