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  • Not making enough money from home? As a student, teenager, mother or even an online worker?.

    Here is the deal, finding a good-paying job doesn’t always solve the problem of bills at home but what does?

    A legal side hustle + a good-paying job.

    JokosHQ’s 2020 creative ways to make money online in Nigeria section brings you all the tips, legal platforms and quickest ways to make money in Nigeria.

    If you have tried 5000 naira daily online income programs such as the NNU forum and made some cash legally then you agree to make money with your phone in Nigeria, It is big deal for everyone especially in this hard time.

    Let’s get in.
    200+ Creative Online Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria (2020).

    Affiliate marketing
    E-commerce business
    Ebook/Course selling
    Get paid to read online
    YouTube Blogging
    Mentorship and Coaching
    Forex Trading

    1. Affiliate marketing
    Here is one thing, you don’t need a product to make money online in Nigeria (make daily income) as long as you have a phone, whether a beginner, student, female, teenager or youth Corper you can always make quick cash in Nigeria.

    So what is affiliate marketing?

    When there is no product to sell, why not help others sell there product and get a commission for it? That’s it.

    this is how Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income defines it;

    Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission i.e quick way to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and make 20,000 naira daily as commission.

    the quickest way to make $1000 online without spending a dime!

    However, Wikipedia talks about 4 different parties that are involved: the merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer.

    while Neil Patel; when it comes down to the actual marketing, there are 2 sides of an affiliate equation: the product creator and seller and the affiliate marketer.

    Why should you consider affiliate marketing in Nigeria as an undergraduate?

    Here are five solid reasons

    No initial capital needed
    Easy to master
    High payouts as commissions
    Not time-consuming
    Can be done with a phone

    I am interested in affiliate marketing, but how do I start? and what is need…
    5 Beginner Steps for affiliate marketers
    Knowing where to start is important, hence, I have compiled the most important steps needed to go into affiliate marketing as a student.

    This step doesn’t include access to the internet via laptop or mobile phone because I believe you already have one or could at least borrow one.
    1. Step 1 – Find a product to promote
    Getting what to promote matters a lot, and Neil Patel refers to this as coming up with a good product idea.

    When doing this, here are some good tips for a start…

    promote what you like or have used.
    consider the usefulness and harm such a product could cost
    ask friends questions on any product you pick.

    a good product can earn money directly to your bank account without paying anything from home even with a full-time or part-time job.

    let us move to the next!

    Depending on what you are interested in here are some of the top-selling niches or products
    Top Selling Affiliate Products

    Health products
    Beauty and makeup
    Domain and Web Hosting
    Online Courses
    Dating sites and products etc

    Step 2 – Find a paying affiliate Program
    An affiliate program is a company such as an e-commerce shop e.g Jumia, which offers you a certain percentage of the sale amount of any product you recommend.

    There are also other affiliate networks such as Warrior Plus which have a set of product owners who are willing to pay you to sell their product.

    Which you pick, finding a worthy affiliate network or program is very important because it guarantees how much you stand to gain or lose.

    here is a list of worthy affiliates to try in Nigeria
    Top Affiliate Programs in Nigeria (2020)

    Jumia affiliates
    Warrior Plus
    Konga affiliates

    Step 3: Build an audience
    Now that you have gone through the stress of finding a product to sell and the right platform with that product now, its time to find people to buy through you.

    This I call “target audience”.

    There are various places to find your target audience. There is a professional and also the random way but whichever, here are the common ways to build an audience for affiliate marketing in Nigeria
    5 Ways to Find an audience for your affiliate program in Nigeria

    Sharing links to your social media followers such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
    Starting a review or tutorial-based youtube channel
    Creating a blog or website and sharing your affiliate products as posts
    Building an email list of targetted users from various channels
    Direct chat with friends and family members.

    Whichever way you intend always remember to be patient because nothing in affiliate marketing happens just in one day.
    Step 4: Promote your affiliate products
    For commissions to start rolling in, you have to start making sales and to do this, you need to start promoting your desired product from the networks and share with your audience.

    For every sale made, you earn your commission.
    Step 5: Withdraw your commission.
    The last step is always to smile home with your paycheck. That’s how we roll. However, it doesn’t happen once. it takes time and continuous work.

    Also, you can feed your knowledge with online courses and e-books.

    Not in for affiliate marketing, let’s check out… Freelancing.
    2. Freelancing Business in Nigeria
    You can easily make money in Nigeria, doing online jobs that are generally referred to as Freelancing.

    so what is Freelancing?

    A freelancer or freelance worker is a self-employed person who earns money by providing services to multiple clients

    When you have a skill then freelancing could be all you need to make a living in Nigeria without online surveys. A lot of Nigerian youths and students take on gigs (online jobs) daily to make money.

    These gigs include website creation, logo designing, video editing, content writing, etc.

    Once, you have any of such skills then you could try out freelancing. So how do you go about it?

    all you need to know about freelancing in Nigeria.

    This online money making opportunity is best for people who love to help others and people who work as freelancers doing what they like.
    Steps to becoming a freelancer in Nigeria
    Without wasting your time, let us go through the steps needed to make money rendering services online.
    1. Learn a digital skill
    Aside from reading your chemistry books, you should also find digital skills such as web programming, video editing, etc.

    You can easily learn any of these skills from friends or online courses from Udemy etc and also you can find videos on Youtube that teach different digital skills.
    2. Find a service (job) marketplace
    This is also called a freelancing platform

    With the aid of a marketplace, you can find buyers of services who are interested in what you want.

    Freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr, are open markets where people willing to pay for services run to for aid.

    The popular freelancing platforms in Nigeria includes


    These platforms are a good place to start making money selling digital services for beginners.
    3. Publish your gig (online job)
    Now you have a freelancing platform and a service to sell, the next step is to publish your gig as a product on your choosing platform.

    There are so many courses online that show you how best to make your gigs sell on these platforms.

    We have a lot of posts that teach more on freelancing and our tips will help you improve your skill and also sell your skill.

    Next up we have… Blogging
    3. Blogging for beginners
    While talking about affiliate marketing, I did mention starting a blog, well that’s so because affiliate marketing is one-way young Nigerians can make money from blogging.

    what are the other ways?

    Google Adsense

    Once you can write a good list of quality blog posts bringing traffic from search engines and social networks then you can make money online with Google AdSense.

    However, getting approval for Adsense is hard so if you don’t get approval, you might want to try out Google AdSense alternatives such as
    Propeller ads

    But that aside, any other way to make money online from blogging in Nigeria without paying anything? Yes. a hundred more

    but here are a few delicate ones.

    Running promotions
    Selling advert spaces
    Running Membership (making your website paid for visitors)

    That’s all for blogging, so what other ways to make money as a student in Nigerian Universities.
    4. E-commerce business that pays
    the e-commerce industry has witnessed tremendous growth since 2010 and It’s no news that learning how to start eCommerce business in Nigeria is one of the smartest and fastest ways to amass wealth.

    The e-commerce and m-commerce industries are set to record even higher growth in the coming years with over 90million Nigerians being internet users.

    You can easily make 8figures in profit with mini e-commerce business in Nigeria without the popularity of online shopping sites like Jumia, Konga, Payporte, and Yudala.

    Hey! I want to start an online shop but what do I need!

    A product (niche) or products to sell
    A website (online shop)
    Registered Business name
    Secured Payment Gateway
    Delivery Mechanism
    Advertisement or Publicity.

    let’s get a little into it.
    1. Products to sell
    Jumia today is popular for being a multi-purpose e-commerce shop with a lot of products to sell from electronics to clothing.

    However, you ain’t jumia because it’s been a long way coming for them. so what is in for you?. Mini e-commerce in a specific niche.

    So instead of going for all, you can just start with a single line of products such as Used phones, electronics, beauty products, health, and fitness, etc.
    2. A website (Online shop)
    Do you need a soothsayer to inform you that you need a website to begin E-business? I doubt.

    Since the concept of e-commerce is to transact online then it only a necessity to create your e-commerce website as soon as possible.

    However, The development of an online store used to be a tedious process when the only good options on the market were either Magento or WooCommerce.

    To create a website, here are the things you need

    A domain name
    A web host or hosting plan
    A platform such as WordPress, Magento, etc
    Ecommerce software/plugin e.g Woocommerce.

    However, Hosted e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Selz make it easy for anyone to create a professional online store with all the features they’ll ever need.
    3. Registered Business name
    Immediately you decided on what you want to sell, You’ll need to choose a memorable business name for it and quickly get it registered at the corporate affairs commission (CAC).

    Doing this will enable you to get a bank account opened in the name of the business and obtain other legal documents that will be required in running the business.

    However, the name search for CAC is usually round #500 and the total cost of the whole process should cost roughly 20,000naira.

    In times of fighting cybercrimes, the CAC registration also helps.
    4. Secured Payment Gateway
    In Nigeria, we have a few popular payment gateways (Flutterwave, Paystack, and Co.) available for e-commerce businesses. But then what is an online payment gateway?

    Online gateways are transaction processing platforms that enable customers to pay for products online. With such platforms, your customers can pay you with their debit card and you get credited into your bank account.

    You could also do the payment on delivery if you have the infrastructure to go on with it.

    What payment gateway is right for your online business?

    I can specifically say but here are a few to test out before full operations

    Vaguepay etc

    5. Delivery Mechanism
    Since transactions happened online, you need to in one way or the other transfer these purchased items to the buyers.

    No, if you are into digital e-commerce such as selling ebooks then you do not need delivery mechanics but if you are selling tangible items online in Nigeria such as Clothes, Makeups, etc

    Then you need delivery services these you could do on your own by hiring or purchasing bikes or better still you could partner with courier services such as Good is Good Courier services etc.
    6. Advertisment or Publicity.
    To make sales your online shop need to be heard of. This can be achieved via advertisement or publicity and here are my favorite ways of advertising an e-commerce shop in Nigeria.

    Affiliate marketing: You can offer affiliates commission for selling your products
    Social Media Promotion: Having friends talk about your new shop on their social profiles
    Offline publicity: Printing and posting posters, flyers and banners.

    There are practically various ways to advertise your new online shop.
    5. Dropshipping Online Business Idea
    Earlier while talking about E-commerce business in Nigeria I did point out finding products to sell as a problem as especially when you have little capital.

    Initial such a business will cost much but Dropshipping makes it much cheaper i.e make money online without investment.

    Here is what I mean

    Dropshipping entails making an agreement with a supplier to sell their goods in your store. While you go about marketing the products on your e-store, the product remains in the supplier’s warehouse until you get a buyer. When an order is placed for the product, the supplier delivers the goods directly to your client.

    thanks to chinabrands for that sweet definition.

    So in my own words dropshipping, is you selling products you don’t even have in your store yet. So you don’t spend initial capital on buying stock.

    It’s more of a middle line between e-commerce in the online shop and affiliate marketing.

    Want to go into dropshipping? here are the tips or steps required.

    Pick a Niche/product to Dropship
    Source Your Products
    Set Up an E-store
    Market Your Products

    Practically, dropping steps is similar to that of starting an eCommerce. The main difference is you don’t require high product acquisition capital to start dropshipping in Nigeria.
    6. Cryptocurrency for instant cash
    Basically, I don’t know much about cryptocurrency but I do know it can earn you a lot of money as a student when you understand the game.

    So to get this brief explanation done for you, I basically had to outsource from the websites;

    so what exactly, is cryptocurrency?

    cryptocurrencies are encrypted decentralized non-tangible digital currencies (only exist in electronic form) i.e digital asset that exists and remains as data and is easily transferred between individuals just like sending emails.

    The joint bookkeeping process is called a “Blockchain”. Each cryptocurrency is individually identifiable and programable based on a very complex digital code e.g Bitcoin.
    How to Trade Cryptocurrencies?
    The first step basically is to set up a bitcoin wallet, then buying some bitcoins with tangible currency such as the US dollar and Nigeria, and then exchanging these bitcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange site to the altcoins of choice.

    The cryptocurrency market changes very fast, new cryptocurrencies are born and others disappear. More retail stores have started accepting Bitcoin and other digital currency as a form of payment.
    7. Ebook/Course selling
    let me take you through The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating, Selling, and Profiting from an Online Course in Nigeria as a beginner.

    Ever heard of Len Smith, Dude made $3,000 in two days after he was contacted by Udemy to sell his course. This was Len who usually made about $120,000 a year on the same book “How to Be a Copywriter and Earn Money from Home”.

    Here is a deal for you. Most websites today that don’t place adverts like google AdSense are either into course selling or mentorship (to be discussed later).

    So why do people prefer online courses? simple! college tuition and costs are rising more quickly than financial aid. This is causing a big debt for both government and students.

    Hence, people prefer going online and not just that. Who doesn’t want to learn right on their mobile?

    Easy, convenient and cheap.
    Here are the different ways to get started with course selling online

    Standalone Platforms (Great for solo Edu-entrepreneurs, small businesses)
    All-In-One Platforms (Run your Web site and course site together)
    WordPress Plug-Ins/Themes (For those who want to keep it all in WordPress)
    E-learning Marketplace Platforms (Get a pre-made market to sell courses online)
    Small Business-Extended Enterprise (For more complex needs)
    Moodle Plug-Ins/Add-Ons (Make Moodle into a selling machine)

    source: Learning Revolution
    8. Online and Live Betting
    When it comes to online betting or live betting, there various types of it

    Running a betting company business
    Starting a betting shop
    Placing/Staking bets online.

    Now, No.1 is a difficult and capital intensive way of online monthly income because you need to partner and have initial business investment before you can even think of starting.

    Example of this includes 1xbet, Nairabet, Bet9ja, etc.

    The second option is not fully online because you would need an offline business shop. However, it is a bit similar to affiliate marketing, you get a shop, advertise a betting company and get paid for any bet placed from your shop.

    This is a really good business investment if you are in an urban area with a lot of sports fans interested in making money via placing bets.

    That takes us to the staking of bets.

    While you could start your own betting company, open a shop, you can also place bets with good odds if you are a sports lover.

    Many students and youths make a lot of many placing bets but at the same time, you ain’t always going to win.

    Summary; minimal investment capital but the high risk involved.
    9. Get paid to read online
    Do you want to make money online in Nigeria reading news? You have likely heard of NNU and NewsPay Forum where you can read news online and get paid in Nigeria.

    It’s good especially if you are the type who does not like stress or wants to increase and add other streams of income.

    You can make money online in Nigeria just by reading news, logging in, sharing to Facebook, leaving comments, etc.

    If you want to stop spending hours on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc daily without making money, then you should consider read news online and get paid in Nigeria.

    Which do I recommend? JokosHQ.

    and here is why?

    Other online websites or forum which make you share all sort of contents and even bug you with spam, JokosHQ gives you only quality and human-friendly contents

    such as news, entertainment and health gist.

    You also make up to 50,000naira monthly from JokosHQ. Do you see it?. Sign up today.




    Note: This content is continuously edited and updated. And was last updated: 4/3/2020.