I attended the burial of a friend at a cemetery 4 months ago. While standing at his graveside watchi

I attended the burial of a friend at a cemetery 4 months ago. While standing at his graveside watchi

I attended the burial of a friend at a cemetery 4 months ago. While standing at his graveside watching as he was being laid to rest, my eyes went straight to a tomb at a distance.


On the tomb were the shoes of a man placed on a graveside. It was a pair of black shoes. Victor Firdance kept wondering what and who would keep a pair of black shoes on the tomb of a deâd person. At some point, I felt it was the loved one of the deceased person who had come to drop the deceased shoes.

Before we left the cemetery, one of the attendees who came to pay his last respect at the burial I attended, saw the shoes and began to walk towards the tomb.

When I saw his body movement and action, I immediately knew that this man wanted to steal the shoes. At first, he walked past the tomb and walked to a tree. He stood there for a while looking up like someone trying to pluck fruits.

I walked to my car I had parked at a distance and kept looking at the man from my car.

I saw him looking around. When he was sure no one was looking, he picked up the shoes on the tomb and began to walk towards the cemetery gate like he owned it.

Just at that moment, I saw the spirit of an old man standing just behind the tomb. This man was looking at the thief who had carried the shoes on the tomb. The spirit left the tomb and began to follow the man with the shoes.

I was scared for the young man who had already exited the cemetery. Victor Firdance knew things like this would never end well. I quickly got down from the car and began to chase and call out to the man.

He halted and looked back.

I ran to the man and asked him calmly.

“Good afternoon. I just want to confirm. Is this your shoe?”

He looked at me and asked back.

“Is it yours?”

I shook my head.

“It’s not mine. I am asking to know if this is your shoe because I saw that you picked it from the Tomb.”

“If it is not mine, will I pick it? Who picks shoes from a cemetery? And who drops shoes there too.”

I looked at the shoes closely. They were still brand new. Probably worn once or so.

I apologized for stopping him and turned to go.

The ghost I had seen walked past me was still following the man.

I pretended not to see it.

Just as I was about to take my first step, I heard the screeching of a car and a loud Boommmm!

My heart jumped.

I turned.

Lo and Behold it was the body of the man I had just talked with. He was on the floor in a pool of blood. I ran to the scene to look for the shoes he had stolen but i couldn’t find them.

As the crowd gathered, I walked back into the cemetery only to see the same pair of shoes sitting comfortably on the tomb.

It was at that moment I knew that the young man was not kîlled by mistake. But his life was taken by the same ghost I had seen.

You see contentment, it is very necessary for all. Don’t put your eyes where it doesn’t fit. And don’t allow anyone pressure you.


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