The 11 Best Box Truck Dispatch Services For Owner Operators

The market for box truck dispatch services is bustling with businesses that can help you move your product from point A to point B. 

But when there are so many to choose from, how do you find the best box truck dispatch service? 

That’s where we come in. 

Our in-depth reviews of the 11 best dispatchers for box trucks will help you select the business that can help your business. 

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What is a Dispatch Company/Service?

The first step to finding the best dispatchers for box trucks is asking what a box truck dispatching company actually is. 

Simply put, a box truck dispatching company is in charge of making sure your 26-foot truck gets unloaded or loaded on time and that your load moves efficiently along its route. 

This service works with independent owner operators who sign up to haul cargo on contracted routes. 

As an owner operator, you may not have time or equipment to get those shipments delivered when they’re supposed to be—that’s where dispatch companies for box trucks come in. 

How Does a Box Truck Dispatching Company Work?

A box truck dispatching company basically finds loads for you, rather than having to find them yourself. 

It’s like how a job-site supervisor gives assignments, but in this case, it’s based on each truck’s capacity and fleet location—not just by seniority or some other arbitrary system. 

The box truck dispatcher will have your interests at heart and will also be motivated to give you maximum return on minimum time spent searching for work. 

More work equals more money, so a good 26ft box truck dispatcher will be pushing every route possible. 

If something doesn’t work out with a load, don’t worry! 

There are plenty of options out there for professional drivers that are willing to put in hours every day; if one company can’t help, chances are another dispatcher for box trucks can.

How Much Do Truck Dispatchers Charge?

Truck dispatcher services typically charge a small flat fee per load, or a small hourly rate. This amount usually depends on how much experience you have as an owner operator, and whether or not you require any additional support from your dispatcher. 

Truck dispatchers vary in cost and performance; it’s important to find one that suits your budget and needs.

11 Best Box Truck Dispatch Services For Owner Operators

Ever tried to find a decent box truck dispatch service? Finding that right one takes time and it isn’t easy. 

Best Box Truck Dispatch Services
Best Box Truck Dispatch Services

A good dispatcher for 26ft box truck can make or break your business, especially if you are an owner operator. 

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You might have noticed that picking just one of these box truck dispatchers out isn’t an easy task; after all, you’re looking for a company that has both affordable rates and great customer service. 

Fortunately, we did some digging to bring you our top ten list of dispatch companies for box trucks worth checking out. 

Each of them is capable of doing what they advertise: dispatch quality drivers on 26-footer trucks across U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia through their custom networks — at competitive pricing.

1) Ninja Dispatch

Ninja Dispatch is one of the best box truck dispatch service that’s making waves in an industry notorious for its outdated methods. 

With Ninja Dispatch, you don’t have to waste time looking for and waiting on dispatchers when you have a truck loaded and ready to go. 

That’s because Ninja Dispatch has built-in redundancy – there are always at least two dispatchers working at any given time. 

This ensures fast response times even during peak business hours, since no calls go unanswered. 

Plus, all Ninja Dispatch operators are background checked and vetted to ensure your safety! 

Best of all, it’s free to sign up; simply submit your information on their website or give them a call! 

Best of luck out there!

2) Genius Dispatch

If you’re an owner-operator and you operate a box truck, you might be interested in Genius Dispatch

They specialize in dispatching for box trucks, offering high pay rates as well as insurance and equipment lease options for owner-operators. 

Genius displatcher offers dispatching services for box trucks in the 48 states of America. They also give you option to reject load offered to you for good reasons.

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However, they do not offer fuel advances and charge only 4% flat rate per load. 

Genius displatcher work with all factoring companies and will send all the required paperwork for you.

When it comes to source of loads, it majorly through loadboards, brokers and/or shippers and connections developed through their professional networks.

As part of their dispatch services for box trucks, they help navigate loads. 

3) MaxTruckers Dispatch

MaxTruckers, based in Louisville, KY, is a top provider of nationwide trucking dispatching services for owner-operators. 

Founded by owner-operator Mike Tate in 2007, MaxTruckers dispatch service was created to fill a need for independent drivers who needed help finding loads—especially during those slow times when you really needed work. 

Ever since then, MaxTruckers has been providing superior 24/7 trucking dispatching services to professional truck drivers around North America. 

With customers in more than 50 U.S. states and nearly every Canadian province, it’s clear that MaxTruckers is your go-to for professional dispatching of trucks like straight box trucks and specialized reefer trucks across North America.

4) Four Key Logistics

If you’re in need of a top-notch trucking dispatch service, Four Key Logistics is a great choice. 

This company is owned and operated by long-time truckers, who are experts at dispatching box trucks with 26ft trailers. 

Four Key Logistics only services owner operators. 

Their straight box truck dispatch service has been designed to accommodate drivers who do not have their own fleet of trucks—and it works! 

So, if you’re just starting out and are looking for professional help to schedule your runs, look no further than Four Key Logistics. 

Whether you need one load per week or 12 per month, they will make sure that your time on the road is as efficient as possible.

5) Dispatch America

Dispatch America is an excellent service for owner operators, especially for truck drivers who need to make pickups in multiple locations. 

With Dispatch America, you can drive without interruption from one pickup location to another and ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible. 

Their dispatchers are readily available by phone 24/7 so if you have any questions about a pickup or delivery, their team is there to answer them. 

Their box truck dispatch service also comes with online load matching where you can enter your next destination and find loads in nearby cities that match your route—it’s a huge time saver!

6) Logity Dispatch

The best dispatchers for box trucks and owner operators are just a phone call away, thanks to Logity. 

With over 13 years of experience, they have proven to be one of the most reliable 26ft box truck dispatch services in Texas and surrounding states. 

Logity Dispatch handle everything from arranging local pickups to scheduling complex cross-country cargo transfers, so whether you’re an out-of-state driver or a short-haul contractor, Logity can help you find and secure loads that align with your business goals. 

In addition to all freight inquiries, their service specialists also provide shipping consultations to help drivers choose among more than 4,000 shipping methods available today. 

To learn more about Logity’s Texas 26ft box truck dispatch services or consultation packages, visit their website.

7) 5 Star Dispatch

They’re an extremely responsive company that knows how to get things done. 

They’re headquartered in Roseville, California but they have branch offices across most of America. 

5 Star Dispatch is owned by Laidlaw International and boasts an impressive fleet of 2000 box trucks and 200 trailers, all neatly organized into one of their branches. 

Their main office even has a 7-bay garage for owner operators to utilize for service or just for storage. 

If you need dispatching for box trucks, 5 Star Dispatch should be at the top of your list.

8) Truck Dispatch 360

Truck Dispatch 360 is a company that provides on of the best box truck dispatch service to owner operators with trucks between 26 and 53 feet in length. 

Truck Dispatch 360 is different from other dispatch companies for box trucks because it handles all of its customers’ dispatching itself instead of subcontracting it out to a third party. 

This results in personal service, more control over dispatching, and better communication with Truck Dispatch 360’s customers. 

Customers have also commented on how much faster Truck Dispatch 360 gets them jobs than other companies do.

9) Metrimax Dispatch

Metrimax is one of the best box truck dispatch service for many reasons. 

While most of their drivers are owner operators, they do hire employees, which means you don’t have to own your truck to work with them (though it will help). 

They offer plenty of options for load-matching, including dedicated accounts. 

And they’re very transparent when it comes to pricing and fees; they publish their rates and charges on their website, as well as how long customers have to pay invoices before penalties kick in. 

This company also has a reputation for being highly customer-focused – you can reach them through phone or email any time during business hours.

10) DW Logistics Dispatching Service

No matter how experienced you are as a truck driver, you need to feel confident that your freight will be handled according to plan and on time. 

This is one of my favorite advantages of using Dw Logistics: they offer 24/7 dispatch service, which means that if I call in with an issue (like my truck breaking down) at 9 pm, I can still trust that they’ll handle it with no problem. 

Their logistics service and attention to detail mean they’ve earned their reputation as one of the best box truck dispatch services available.

11) Uber Freight

Uber Freight aims to make it easy for professional truck drivers to hire out their trucks as carriers for other companies. 

With Uber, you don’t have to worry about scheduling or coordinating with a full-service freight carrier, because your pick-up and delivery times are already handled by Uber. 

Basically, it’s like having your own personal shipping company. 

If you’re an owner-operator looking for straight box truck dispatch service, then you should definitely try out Uber Freight. 

Simply enter your starting location and destination along with your load size, then wait while they find a carrier that can help deliver what you need—fast!

Can You Use a Box Truck for Uber Freight?

Yes, you can drive for Uber Freight using a box truck, but there are some issues that you need to be aware of. These aren’t going to prevent you from driving if you want to use a box truck. They just mean that it may not be ideal. 

The first issue is insurance coverage. Many insurance companies don’t allow their policies to cover work trucks and delivery vehicles. 

This means you might have trouble getting liability coverage or at least finding a good rate on it.


There are numerous advantages to being an owner-operator. 

And if you’re considering buying a box truck and becoming an owner-operator, it’s important to find the best dispatchers for box trucks. 

Whether you’re planning on focusing on moving jobs or dedicated routes.

Hopefully one of these best box truck dispatch service will serve your goal.

Best Box Truck Dispatch Services – FAQs

How Much Do Truck Dispatchers Charge?

Truck dispatcher services typically charge a small flat fee per load, or a small hourly rate. This amount usually depends on how much experience you have as an owner operator, and whether or not you require any additional support from your dispatcher.

Truck dispatchers vary in cost and performance; it’s important to find one that suits your budget and needs.

How Do Dispatchers Find Carriers?

Dispatchers usually have their own professional network they can draw on. These networks are made up of carriers, shippers, and even other dispatchers.

If a new job comes in, your dispatcher might reach out directly to you or ask around his or her network for someone who can get it done.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you want to work with someone recommended by your dispatcher.

How Much Do Truck Dispatchers Make Per Load?

Typically, truck dispatchers make about half of what drivers earn per load. As for pay-per-hour, things get much trickier because pay varies from company to company.

Some companies offer their dispatchers a base salary; other companies let them bill by how many hours they work each day.

On average, box truck dispatchers make $19 to $22 per hour and as much as $25 per hour when they’re called on to do double shifts.

How Do Owner Operators Find Loads?

Most owner operators find loads by contacting a load board, which they can do either online or over the phone.

But these load boards also have full-time dispatchers who can help you find a load if you’re in need of immediate hauling work.

It’s good to know where to look if you want to get driving as soon as possible and don’t have time to waste waiting for loads on a load board.

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