The 39 Best Paying Jobs in Computer Software Prepackaged Software with Average Salaries

The 39 Best Paying Jobs in Computer Software Prepackaged Software with Average Salaries
Written by Okosun John

We researched the average salary of the 39 best paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software , and the results might surprise you!

There are countless jobs in computer software prepackaged software

However, which ones offer the highest salaries? 

To answer this question, 

we researched the average salary of the 39 best paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software, and the results might surprise you! 

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Here are the 39 best paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software.

Best Paying Jobs in Computer Software Prepackaged SoftwareAverage Salary
1) Cloud Architect$198,333
2) Chief Technology Officer$172,860
3) Cloud Engineer $168,771
4) Software Engineering Manager$167,639
5) Data Scientist$166,855
6) Data Engineer$165,553
7) Internet Architect$159,212
8) Enterprise Architect $150,782
9) DevOps Engineer$143,158
10) Technical Program Manager$142,873
11) Software Architect$134,222
12) Development Operations Engineer$131,680
13) Machine Learning Engineers $131,001
14) IT Program Manager$130,433
15) Site Reliability Engineer$127,718
16) Data Warehouse Architect$125,083
17) Computer Vision Engineers $124,275
18) Game Designer$115,670
19) IT Security Specialist$111,675
20) Web Developers$110,438
21) Software Engineers$108,249
22) System Analysts$104,229
23) Full-stack Developers$99,274
24) User Interface Designer$98,583
25) Software Developers $97,763
26) Mobile Developer $97,217
27) Network Security Engineer $97,163
28) Application Software Developer$92,732
29) System Engineers$92,380
30) Data Warehouse Analyst$89,593
31) Web Applications Developer$89,007
32) Project Managers$88,907
33) Quality Assurance Engineers$86,963
34) Database Administrator $83,700
35) Market Intelligence Analyst$78,279
36) Support Engineers$76,855
37) Computer Programmer$74,013
38) Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst$69,199
39) Technical Writer$68,555
39 Best Paying Jobs in Computer Software Prepackaged Software with Average Salaries

Here is a break down of what we will be covering today.

1) Cloud Architect

Cloud computing has become all of a sudden one of today’s most promising technologies and fields. 

As such, it comes as no surprise that many of today’s best tech jobs come from within cloud development. 

A Cloud Architect specializes in designing and maintaining private, public, and hybrid clouds to ensure they are meeting business needs. 

Suppose you have experience designing and managing data centers or maintaining high-performance server platforms. In that case, Cloud Architect might be right for you. 

The average salary for a Cloud Architect is $198,333 per year. 

However, suppose you have experience working on specialty areas like security or storage-area networks (SAN). In that case, you could earn more than that per year.

2) Chief Technology Officer

CTOs are high-level executives who oversee all aspects of a company’s computer systems and software. 

Chief Technology Officer Average Salary
Chief Technology Officer Average Salary

According to one recent survey, one-third of companies say finding good tech talent is a challenge, so it’s probably a good idea to start sending out your resume if you have what it takes. 

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The average CTO salary is $172,860—not bad for only working 40 hours per week (assuming 50 weeks of work). But that number doesn’t tell the whole story.

3) Cloud Engineer

With an average salary of $168,771 per year, High demand computer jobs are cloud engineer positions. 

Cloud computing is still a burgeoning industry, but many companies are already seeing its benefits: faster deployment times and data protection. 

Getting hired as a cloud engineer might require experience working in software development or systems design. 

Otherwise, employers will expect you to be familiar with today’s common programming languages and certifications like Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

These are all high-demand computer jobs that should help you secure above-average salaries.

4) Software Engineering Manager

Software Engineering Managers have an average salary of $167,639 in the United States, according to Glassdoors. 

That’s more than most doctors, lawyers, and university professors make — and it doesn’t include bonuses or stock options. 

Because they’re managers, they don’t even need to know how to program! (They do.) 

Some software engineering managers even get stock options in addition to their salaries. This incentive keeps employees motivated and thinking about long-term goals rather than short-term gains.

5) Data Scientist

According to Glassdoor, data scientists earn an average salary of $166,855 annually. 

Suppose you’re new to data science and have some experience using tools like R or Python. In that case, there are paid opportunities online at companies like Online Trading Academy ($30 an hour), DataCamp ($45-$95 per course), and OpenSesame ($5-$70 per course)

Building your skills through self-study is also helpful because it will help you see what types of questions companies might ask you during an interview. 

You can build skills by taking online courses (like those mentioned above) and practicing on free resources like Kaggle and Quandl.

6) Data Engineer

The I.T. job market isn’t what it used to be. Still, suppose you have solid experience with computer software and knowledge of analytics. In that case, you can find a stable and well-paying job

Working as a data engineer can help companies make more informed decisions by collecting and interpreting information on their customers. 

In other words, your work helps them become more profitable, which is always good for business. 

While it’s important to understand advanced mathematics and statistics techniques like linear regression analysis, understanding data structure (relational databases) makes you even more valuable. 

With an average annual salary of $165,553 per year, working as a data engineer means living comfortably—and being able to afford those monthly payments on your growing library of ebooks.

7) Internet Architect

Computer software prepackaged software tops both lists when it comes to best tech jobs and average salaries

But some positions are higher paying than others. 

One such position is internet architect with an average salary of $159,212 per year

According to information from Glassdoor, the job duties of an internet architect include Designing and implementing advanced networking technologies and Administering secure corporate networks

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The first step toward becoming an internet architect? Getting a degree; because being an internet architect is all about education. 

Whether you want to go back to school or choose a boot camp instead, many educational programs are geared toward people who want a career as an internet architect.

8) Enterprise Architect

As an enterprise architect, you’ll be tasked with helping an organization develop a technical strategy based on its technology and business goals. 

Enterprise Architect Average Salary
Enterprise Architect Average Salary

The position requires strong experience in multiple areas of computer science and knowledge of project management processes. 

The job is considered one of the most demanding computer science jobs around and pays upwards of $150,782. 

According to, it’s also among the most in-demand software engineering jobs, and there are expected to be over 7,000 openings through 2024.

9) DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer takes 9th place as one of the 39 Best Paying Jobs in Computer Software Prepackaged Software with Average Salaries for people who love working on computer software. 

As a DevOps engineer, you would be taking care of the development and security issues of applications. 

Most software companies prefer hiring people who are certified or licensed professionals to handle these operations. 

A certified DevOps engineer can even earn $143,158 per year

Key skills required for being a successful DevOps engineer are: knowledge of coding languages, passion to learn new things every day, excellent communication skills and strong organizational abilities.

10) Technical Program Manager

They work to understand a client’s specific needs, determine technical feasibility and develop a complete set of specifications. 

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According to BLS data, program managers earned an average salary of $142,873

The profession is expected to grow by 13 percent between 2012 and 2022. 

11) Software Architect

The average annual salary for a software architect is $134,222. 

According to Projections Central and numbers pulled from sources like Glassdoor, career growth is pretty solid. 

With training on computer coding languages like C++ and Java required before you can begin work as a software architect, it makes sense that you’d need some sort of formal education. 

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However, top employers generally want someone who has earned at least a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science or a related major – making additional training to earn an advanced degree potentially worthwhile if you’re planning on jumping into digital jobs in-demand with average salaries like those found within software prepackaged firms.

12) Development Operations Engineer

The average annual salary for a Development Operations Engineer is $131,680. 

What’s a development operations engineer? They’re responsible for making sure developers can quickly and easily develop their products while keeping quality up to par. 

That involves setting up web servers and making sure workstations are compatible with whatever product is being developed. 

It’s not an entry-level position either, which means there aren’t tons of jobs out there for it—making for a limited pool of applicants. 

However, that also means competition will be fierce. 

If you want to get paid over $130k per year, don’t think you’ll be able to walk into your dream job on day one.

13) Machine Learning Engineers

machine learning engineer is a data scientist who analyzes data and uses algorithms to derive meaningful insights. 

These engineers are well-paid thanks to their demand on tech companies; most computer programming jobs listed on Glassdoor fall into its top ten, with those at Tesla taking home a mean base salary of $223,269

Machine Learning Engineers currently average $131,001 annually. Demand is expected to increase by 27% over the next five years.

14) I.T. Program Manager

The average annual salary for an I.T. program manager is $130,433. In general, it job market I.T. directors manage computer systems and networks for companies. 

They also make sure that employees are comfortable and productive when using computer software. 

Other responsibilities may include tracking expenses and training workers on new technology. 

Digital in-demand I.T. director jobs are projected to grow 6% by 2024, which is faster than average than other occupations.

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What’s more? These professionals earn a median salary of $103,910 per year—making them part of an elite group of workers who earn over $100K a year.

15) Site Reliability Engineer

In our estimation, these are some of the highest-paying jobs out there. 

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you’ll help ensure that web applications don’t just work when they’re being used but that they’re functioning properly all day long. 

According to Glassdoor (which considers factors like location and years of experience), average annual salaries for SREs hover around $127,718

Site Reliability Engineer Job Openings
Site Reliability Engineer Job Openings

Top performers can earn upwards of $160K, putting them on par with some software engineers at Google and other big tech companies. 

And while job growth overall is slowing down as companies invest more in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and self-service platforms, we believe SRE will be one of those fast-growing career paths that last well into 2020 and beyond.

16) Data Warehouse Architect

According to Simply Hired, a software architect is one of the best paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software. 

According to Glassdoor, Data Warehouse Architect’s salary averages $125,083 annually

This job requires skills such as SQL, data analysis and M.S. Project or Oracle products

In addition, you need experience working with a database management system (DBMS) and designing/modifying a database and analyzing information that needs to be organized for efficient retrieval.

17) Computer Vision Engineers

The average salary for a computer vision engineer is $124,275 per year

While computer vision engineers might not have formal education requirements (although most are computer science majors), they need skills in C++, Java and .NET languages

Because of their highly technical backgrounds, engineers will generally work long hours, at least until they become familiar with their job and can supervise projects. 

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Often, startups will outsource engineering teams instead of building a team from scratch. 

This means that there are plenty of openings available for new graduates or experienced workers looking to switch industries—just make sure you’re flexible when it comes to location and cost of living!

18) Game Designer

Game designers are high-paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software. 

They make an average of $115,670 a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the employment of game designers will grow 20 percent by 2024

Many college students graduate knowing how to create games and hoping to get hired straight out of school. Good luck getting that dream job right out of college—most employers want experience. 

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When you start at a company as a designer, it’s usually lower level, such as working on games or graphics for educational or phone apps. 

As you prove your talent and ability, you can move up to designing commercial video games or even creating your own startup video game company!

19) I.T. Security Specialist

According to Glassdoor, I.T. security specialists make $111,675 a year on average. 

Most entry-level workers can expect to make around $50,000, but with experience and a Master’s degree candidates can earn as much as $100,000 or more. 

Entry-level positions will likely include some teaching responsibilities; you may be responsible for breaking down complex problems and showing your team how to apply them in their day-to-day work. 

I.T. security specialists must stay up to date on current computer software prepackaged software and hardware trends. 

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field plus at least five years of related experience or an additional certification such as CEH or CISM.

20) Web Developers

When it comes to high demand computer jobs, web developers are at or near the top of the list. 

With software prepackaged gaining popularity among businesses and entrepreneurs, web developers are key to success. 

Web Developers Average Salary According To Glassdoor
Web Developers Average Salary According To Glassdoor

According to job market research data collected by Glassdoor, The average software developer salary is $110,438 per year. 

One of the top paying companies for web developers is Microsoft Corporationwhere employees earn an average annual income of $127,000 annually

Another popular option is Google; in 2016, they were ranked 8th on Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for a list and have been noted as providing one of the best employee benefits packages available.

21) Software Engineers

So what are some of these jobs paying out so much cash? The high demand for software engineers—particularly for developers skilled at mobile apps, Web applications, and video games—means it’s a particularly competitive field. 

But if you’re looking to make a lot of money out of school, it’s one of your best bets: according to Payscale, an I.T. specialist usually tops out around $90K per year. 

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Of course, there are always exceptions: sometimes more experience means higher salaries like in any job market. 

However, compared to other fields, software engineers have lower pay expectations and, therefore, can be swayed by attractive benefits packages or perks.

What are the Most In-demand Software Engineering Jobs?

Any computer science-related field offers good pay, but some occupations offer better than others. 

The following list is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics data and job site Indeed’s average salary calculations. 

Most software engineering jobs below require at least a bachelor’s degree or several years of experience working as an entry-level engineer. 

It’s also important to note that any two people doing the same work often will not make the same amount of money; factors like location and education matter significantly when considering how much you’ll be making. 

In 2012, developers made up over one-quarter of all computer-related occupations. Some major categories include Here are ten of the best paying jobs: 

  • Web developer
  • Applications developer
  • Network architect
  • Data architect
  • Mobile applications developer
  • Database administrator
  • Security analyst
  • Systems administrator

22) System Analysts

Systems analysts design and develop an organization’s information systems, including networks, computer systems, software applications and databases. 

System analysts play a key role in technology-driven organizations because they are experts at evaluating business processes to identify improvements that can be made using computers. 

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And although these jobs aren’t as common as more entry-level I.T. positions, systems analysts make about $104,229 on average

That’s a few dollars higher than digital jobs like computer programmers but slightly lower than web developers.

23) Full-stack Developers

The average salary for a full-stack developer is $99,274. According to Indeed, full-stack means your technical skills are from back-end to front-end technologies

As a full-stack developer, you’ll be working with all aspects of application creation and support, including software development, system design and database development

The median pay for these developers can range anywhere from $85,000 to $115,000 annually, depending on experience level and where they live in North America.

24) User Interface Designer

The User Interface Designer’s job is to design an easy-to-use interface that allows people to use a computer program

It’s a highly in-demand field, especially as computers and smartphones become more commonplace in society. 

User Interface Designer is one of Forbes magazine’s best jobs for 2014 because it pays over $70k per year, and there are virtually no unemployment numbers associated with it.

25) Software Developers

Suppose you’re looking for a career as a computer software developer. In that case, you’re in luck: The demand for people who can create software and applications is very high. 

(In fact, according to statistics from O*Net Online, there are more jobs than qualified applicants to fill them.) 

Most software developers work full-time and report that they spend about 40 hours per week at their desks (though there are many exceptions). 

The average salary for most jobs is between $59,000 and $100,000, but certain types of employers will pay much more.

26) Mobile Developer

Most developers don’t have a degree from a prestigious school of computer science—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t successful. 

Case in point: Apple CEO Steve Jobs never graduated from college. 

The best tech jobs for on-the-job traininggood pay and high growth potential include information security analyst, network architect and systems administrator. 

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Demand for mobile developers has outpaced supply, according to an estimate by Technobrain, so even if you’re not starting as a developer, you can transition into it fairly easily; meanwhile, I.T. security analysts can expect salaries between $84K and $151K per year.

27) Network Security Engineer

Network security engineers design and maintain computer network defenses. 

They are generally responsible for ensuring a company’s computing infrastructure is safe from hackers, viruses, and other intrusions. 

Network Security Engineer Average Salary
Network Security Engineer Average Salary

According to Glassdoor data, high-demand computer jobs like these pay an average salary of $97,163 per year. 

Professionals in high-demand computer jobs often earn more than those in related industries, such as information security analysts ($87,200). 

Network security engineers only need an associate degree (or equivalent experience) to qualify for many of these roles. 

The basic qualifications include previous experience working on networks or systems and good analytical skills. 

Most employers also require a minimum amount of professional certifications and knowledge about relevant policies and industry best practices for safety protocols.

28) Application Software Developer

According to Glassdoor, Application Software Developer is currently one of the best paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software, with average salaries exceeding $92,732 a year. 

Since Software Developers have to understand complex concepts and work within strict deadlines, they are in high demand. 

Another advantage of working as an Application Software Developer is that you can develop a wide range of skills since almost every company uses software for their work. 

As such, it’s not surprising that Computer Science graduates rank first in terms of applications for jobs among all college graduates.

29) System Engineers

Earn an average of $92,380 annually

Professionals who work as system engineers oversee information technology systems, troubleshoot issues, and test and maintain computer networks. 

Since they can work in various sectors—for example, hospitals and universities—this position is often in high demand. 

A bachelor’s degree is required for most positions, but some employers may offer training on-the-job. 

If you want to earn $143K a year as a system engineer, you’ll need at least five years of experience.

30) Data Warehouse Analyst

Data Warehouse Analyst is software that collects and integrates data from different sources. 

It is said to be one of the best paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software due to its high level of employment and may report $89,593. 

A database analyst collects and analyzes a large amount of data, recommending strategies to make information more easily accessible. 

They also write programs or reports as requested by supervisors, helping integrate data from disparate sources, create standardized reports, or identify relationships between information pieces. 

The median pay for database analysts was $87,600 in 2016. In addition, they have high employment levels at 2% growth annually over ten years.

31) Web Applications Developer

Although software engineers generally enjoy high demand in most areas of computer programming, web application developers top them all. 

The average Web Applications Developer Job in Computer Software Prepackaged Software with Average Salary comes out to $89,007 per year. 

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that these are merely averages; locations and experience are taken into account when looking at overall compensation. 

If you work in Silicon Valley or another tech-driven area, for example, chances are you could make far more than $96K. 

On a national level, however, Web Applications Developer jobs remain one of the highest paying positions for computer software prepackaged software with average salaries.

32) Project Managers

Project managers are one of the top-paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software. 

These professionals help keep teams on track, work out schedules, and keep things within budget. 

They also review and improve design documents, usually through extensive meetings and conversations with team members. 

The average salary for a project manager is $88,907 annually.

33) Quality Assurance Engineers

According to Indeed, Quality Assurance Engineers are some of the best-paid individuals working within software pre-packaged software. 

The average salary for Q.A. testers is $86,963 annually. As of now, there are 12 job postings for quality assurance engineers every month on average. 

These jobs will also be available within multiple industries such as Healthcare, I.T., Automotive, Aerospace and Hospitality

There is a projected 23% employment increase in quality assurance engineers by 2026. Many other positions like them will experience increases throughout those years. 

For all these reasons combined, quality assurance engineers have become one of our top picks for best paying jobs in prepackaged computer software.

34) Database Administrator

Prepackaged software isn’t just for sale. There’s a growing need for companies to use such software. 

That’s why the job outlook for database administrators is high, with an average annual salary of $83,700 (for reference, that’s more than double what prepackaged software developers make). 

What does a DBA do? They are responsible for ensuring data remains secure and consistent. 

Key responsibilities include creating new databases, maintaining them and backing them up. 

They also troubleshoot issues and plan upgrades to current systems in line with technology trends.

35) Market Intelligence Analyst

The average salary for a market intelligence analyst is $78,279

As a market intelligence analyst, you’ll find information and business data to help you provide information on marketing strategies, demographics and more

Market Intelligence Analyst Average Salary
Market Intelligence Analyst Average Salary

Your average day may include researching sales records, scanning financial publications or meeting with company executives and clients. 

You could potentially work for a corporation, investment bank or management consulting firm

Paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software usually comes with some pretty flexible hours; 

However, if your hours do tend to be pretty regular from 9-5, don’t let that discourage you from pursuing a career as a market intelligence analyst; they’re out there and lucrative!

36) Support Engineers

What do They do? Support engineers work behind the scenes to ensure that companies’ technology products—such as computers, servers, applications, and other digital tools—work properly. 

They typically manage internal I.T. networks and provide technical support to employees within a company, often via email and phone. 

Among software developers—whose jobs are specifically engineered for flexibility and telecommuting options (preventing burnout)—the most common arrangement is some combination of remote or virtual working arrangements that allow employees to work at home for part of every week or month. 

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Companies offering digital jobs in demand also pay quite well; support engineers earn an average salary of more than $76,855 a year.

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37) Computer Programmer

According to Payscale, computer programmers are still among the most in-demand tech jobs, thanks to growth and international opportunities. 

With an average salary of $74,013—and a projected 5 percent growth rate through 2024—this could be a great area for anyone looking to increase their earning potential. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that computer programmers handle software applications from start to finish and develop automated programs for operating systems and other services or applications. 

They may also assist engineers or other developers by researching potential solutions to programming problems; however, BLS adds that programmers usually specialize in one language or technology.

What are the Most In-demand Programming Jobs?

With the help of some tools, you can research the most in-demand programming jobs and the average salaries. 

Simply search for your desired position (e.g., data analyst) and write down how much each gig pays on average. 

For example, Business Insider found that data analysts make $70,000 a year. 

In contrast, those who specialize in databases earn an average of $88,000 per year! Over at The Muse, the best paying jobs are software engineers ($105K), computer programmers ($92K), and project managers ($89K). 

Because demand is so high for these positions right now, salaries will likely continue to rise over time.

38) Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst

The network systems and data communications analyst job in computer software prepackaged software is an important role that many people aren’t familiar with. 

These workers have one of the most demanding computer science jobs in existence

It requires them to analyze, design, develop, and test complex wired or wireless local area networks and work to resolve issues as they arise. 

The average salary for a network systems and data communications analyst is about $69,199/year, although some earn much more.

39) Technical Writer

As one of our 30 best-paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software, technical writers earn an average salary of $68,555

If you decide to become a technical writer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. 

A good technical writing degree program will train you to write well-organized, clear and precise documentation. 

Technical writers typically work on teams that include developers and marketing personnel who create user guides and online help manuals for complex software packages used by large corporations. 

While some companies require formal business attire at meetings, most workplaces are fairly casual—and they should be if you want to avoid burnout as a writer!

Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software a Good Career Path?

Suppose you’re searching for a career path that is both lucrative and flexible. In that case, there are several options available to you. 

Administrative Assistant
Credits: Pixabay

However, before deciding on your future professional endeavors, it’s essential to consider what options are and how they can impact your lifestyle. 

For instance, computer software (the process of coding) is only one component of programming; prepackaged software takes all of those pieces and assembles them into a product that doesn’t require further customization. 

It may not be as glamourous as its counterpart (coding), but it pays very well—typically more than $90,000 per year.

Below are reasons why Computer Software Prepackaged Software a Good Career Path

High Earning Potential

You may have noticed that high earning potential ranks high on many people’s lists of reasons to choose a job. 

While it is hard to measure potential, you can use an online salary calculator to see how much money people in your industry and locale make at each job level. 

In addition, there are thousands of jobs within computer software prepackaged software with high earning potential.

Endless Growth Possibilities

There is always a new challenge or improvement to be made in computer software prepackaged software. 

Computer software prepackaged software professionals tend to stay busy and often move up quickly if they are so inclined. 

Most salaried positions in computer software prepackaged software also pay more than an hourly wage, which also helps money-savvy professionals build their wealth over time.

High Demand Jobs

As technology advances and more companies begin relying on computers, demand for computer software engineers and programmers will continue to increase. 

Because of these factors, Computer Software Prepackaged Software Engineers are among some of the highest-paid jobs available. 

According to Glassdoor’s research, the average Computer Software Prepackaged Software Engineer earns $119,000 annually. 

Suppose you’re looking for a high-paying job with room for advancement. In that case, we recommend considering working as a Computer Software Prepackaged Software Engineer.

What Are Prepackaged Software?

Prepackaged software is a computer program that has been developed, produced, and tested. Still, it has not yet been installed or used. 

It is typically delivered on one or more storage media such as a diskette, CD-ROMs, tapes, etc. 

Also called shrinkwrap software, prepackaged programs often come bundled with hardware. 

Sometimes referred to as proprietary software (because it’s created for a specific computer platform), prepackaged programs are also called closed source programs because their source code (the written form of an application program) is not available to users. 

Instead of using third-party vendors for pre-built software applications such as word processors and spreadsheets, companies that create their internal systems rely on programmers to develop customized on-site applications.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Computer Software Prepackaged Software?

According to and Simply Hired figures, there are dozens of job postings for software developers, systems analysts, and computer programmers

Several posts call for experience in Apple or Microsoft platforms. There’s also a growing need for mobile developers skilled in iOS or Android. 

Based on these figures, it seems that demand remains high. As long as that continues to be true, you should have no trouble finding a job in computer software prepackaged software.

What are the qualifications to get the best paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software?

Typically, the best paying jobs in computer software prepackaged software are all tied to some sort of experience and, more specifically, one that is relevant to the position. 

As with other jobs in any industry, the more experience you have in the type of job you’re applying for, the better your chances are of landing it. 

So if you want to get a good job within computer software prepackaged software—and earn top dollar doing so—you should expect to have at least a few years of professional experience. 

That said, depending on the field or position (especially if it’s an entry-level role), people without work experience will sometimes be considered.

Best Computer Software Companies To Work For

The best companies to work for in computer software are known for providing excellent employee value propositions (EVP) to retain talent. 

Industrial Designer
Credits: Pixabay

In particular, they offer on-site perks such as dry cleaning and haircuts, health insurance plans that include dental care, commuter benefits programs and other strategies for keeping employees happy. 

Even if you don’t have a job at one of these companies yet, it’s worth checking out their websites to know what you’re aiming for when looking for your first gig.

1) Microsoft Corporation

Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft on April 4, 1975. 

Since its inception, Microsoft has made over 1,300 acquisitions; participated in setting standards for different aspects of computing, such as floppy disks, computer mice, keyboards, graphic interfaces, Universal Serial Bus (USB), Multimedia Personal Computers (PCMCIA), and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML); and influenced an entire industry with products such as MS-DOS & Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP; Internet Explorer & Outlook Express; Internet Information Services (IIS) & Active Server Pages (ASP); Bing; Office suites such as Word and Excel.

2) Intuit Inc

With an average salary of $97,965 a year, Intuit Inc. has been considered one of The Best Computer Software Companies To Work For by several analysts and publications. 

It offers growth potential and flexibility, making it easier for employees to balance their family and professional lives. 

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They also provide great benefits that make you feel like you are taken care of as an employee. 

With on-site massage therapy, 12 paid holidays and PTO that accrues at twice your normal rate (i.e., if you work overtime on a day off, you’ll be compensated at 2x your standard hourly rate), it’s no wonder Intuit Inc. is considered one of The Best Computer Software Companies To Work For in 2014.

3) Adobe Systems Incorporated

Looking for good-paying jobs? Start by looking at some of America’s Best Computer Software Companies to Work For. 

Adobe Systems Incorporated comes out on top. Not only is it one of America’s Best Computer Software Companies to Work For, but a Great Place to Work itself. 

It was included in CNNMoney’s 100 Best Places to Work in Technology List (2013). 

The biggest takeaway from that is that if you want to work at one of the best computer software companies then start your search here: Adobe Systems Incorporated, based out of San Jose, California.

4) Autodesk Inc

Autodesk Inc. is a U.S. software corporation that develops and sells computer-assisted design software for architects, engineers, and construction managers. 

Autodesk products are used extensively across various industry sectors and by consumers to create 3D models using desktop computers and mobile devices. 

Autodesk has corporate headquarters in San Rafael, California, USA, but its registered office is in Luxembourg

In 2016 Autodesk employed 9,500 people worldwide—2,150 of them located at its San Rafael corporate headquarters—and recorded $3 billion in revenue.

5) Activision Blizzard Inc

Activision Blizzard, Inc. is an American video game developer and publisher based in Santa Monica, California. 

Activision Blizzard currently employs approximately 8,600 people worldwide. 

The company was founded on October 1, 1979. It was the world’s first independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming consoles. 

Most of Activision Blizzard’s revenues now come from subscriptions from players to services such as World of Warcraft.

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