The 25 Top Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous With Average Salaries

The 25 Top Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous With Average Salaries
Written by Okosun John

We analyzed over 250+ Miscellaneous jobs and average salaries, and found these to be the best paying jobs in Miscellaneous.

When it comes to choosing the best paying jobs, there are plenty of factors to consider, such as career satisfaction, work-life balance, and even location.

In order to find the very best paying jobs in Miscellaneous, it’s important to think about all of these factors so you can make an informed decision.

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Today we will talk about the top paying jobs in Miscellaneous fields, including what each job pays and what else you can expect from that field of work.

What Are Miscellaneous Jobs?

Miscellaneous jobs are a group of occupations that do not fit into any specific industry.

Miscellaneous jobs are diverse and include a number of industries, such as healthcare and business services. The majority of people employed in these jobs work in education, transportation, logistics and utilities.

Some employers may require job candidates to complete exams prior to hiring them for their companies.

It is also common for workers in these positions to need on-the-job training so they can gain experience while they work.

Additionally, some employers may offer continuing education classes or workshops to help workers improve their skillset.

People who have earned a bachelor’s degree typically earn more money than those with only an associate’s degree or high school diploma as long as they have experience.

Skills Required For Jobs In Miscellaneous

Regardless of your industry, it’s important to have a strong base of transferable skills.

We’ve put together a list of skills that are required by some of today’s top paying jobs in Miscellaneous fields, but there is always room for cross-over.

A broader skill set can help you achieve success at every job you work! If you’re looking for ideas on how to broaden your skill set.

Below is a list of specific skills required for some of today’s best paying jobs in Miscellaneous fields

  1. Speech and Public speaking skill
  2. Adaptability
  3. Statistics And Data Analysis

Speech And Public Speaking

Public speaking is an oft-overlooked career skill, but it can be invaluable. If you are able to speak confidently and passionately in front of a crowd, you’ll instantly boost your chances of getting any job.

And even if public speaking isn’t a core part of your job description, it could still be instrumental in landing that next big promotion.


Whether or not you end up taking a job directly related to your major, learn as much as you can during college. You may be surprised at how many transferable skills you develop.

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Do an internship or two, get involved in campus activities and organizations and make sure to keep a running list of all relevant skills you develop over time.

Keep tabs on important events and developments in your field, especially if it’s changing rapidly; adaptability is a sought-after skill for any industry.

Statistics And Data Analysis

Data analysis and statistics is a valuable skill to learn. If you’re looking for a career change, look into statistical analysis, data mining, or data science fields.

All of these positions are expected to grow significantly in both salary and number of jobs available by 2026.

Although there’s no one specific path you can take to break into these positions, students who have studied computer science or statistics are better equipped for work in fields like data analytics than those with degrees in another field.

25 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous

For those seeking a high-paying job in an often overlooked field, look no further than these best paying jobs in miscellaneous.

Many of these positions require little-to-no experience and most can be pursued while maintaining other full-time employment.

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A salary above $75,000 doesn’t come easily or cheaply—but these best paying jobs have a higher cost of living adjustment and will pay off in the long run.

Based on recent data from Indeed, here are ten careers that pay well within three months to start earning a high wage.

  1. Anesthesiologist – $326,894
  2. Dentists – $166,391
  3. Physician Assistants – $124,399
  4. Optometrists – $121,895
  5. Radiation Therapists – $87,648
  6. Algal Scientist – $70,892
  7. Stenocaptioner – $69,849
  8. Crystallographer – $69,678
  9. Physical Therapists – $68,513
  10. Bingo Manager – $64,607
  11. Surgical Technologists – $59,978
  12. Audiologists – $55,436
  13. Billboard Installer – $52,852
  14. Bereavement Coordinator – $49,208
  15. Embalmer – $49,181
  16. Content Creator – $48,974
  17. Costume Assistant – $47,176
  18. Private Investigator – $44,240
  19. Braille Proofreader – $40,734
  20. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Workers – $40,325
  21. Elevator Inspector – $38,469
  22. Flavorist – $35,129
  23. Soap Boiler – $34,804
  24. Master Marijuana Extractor – $33,545
  25. Hot Dog Cart Vendor – $29,237
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1) Anesthesiologist

Anesthesia is a medical specialty concerned with preventing pain during surgery and other procedures and managing pain during invasive, or chronic, medical treatment.

Credits: Pixabay

As part of a multi-disciplinary team, anesthesiologists work before, during and after surgery to monitor patients’ vital signs and ensure that anesthetics are maintaining blood pressure, breathing and heart rate.

They are trained to recognize anesthesia complications such as low blood pressure or high blood oxygen levels that could lead to permanent injury or death.

2) Dentists

If you’re fascinated by teeth, have great hand-eye coordination and don’t mind working with your hands in a cold environment, dentistry might be a solid option for you. As an added bonus, these jobs are also among top paying jobs in miscellaneous fields.

Just make sure to avoid angering Mr. Wiggum (or any real life dentist). The job of a Dentists is not only lucrative but also rewarding. As a Dentists, you’ll help ensure your patients have healthy teeth and gums.

According to data from 2011, there are more than 155,000 Dentists in America with an average salary of $164,890.

3) Physician Assistants

Physician assistants are trained to provide healthcare to patients and they can perform many of the same duties as a physician. The median salary for these professionals is $100,000 per year.

To become a physician assistant, you must have either an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. You also need to be licensed in every state where you wish to practice and pass your national certifying exam.

4) Optometrists

The BLS projects that employment of optometrists will grow by 26 percent between 2012 and 2022, much faster than average. Job prospects should be best for those with an area of expertise, such as contact lenses or low vision.

The best jobs are in cities, where opportunities abound in private practice, group practices and health clinics. Annual salary: $117,390.

5) Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists play a vital role in treating cancer patients with radiation therapy. Radiation therapy uses high-energy beams of radioactive material to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells, and it’s a key part of many different treatment plans.

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Radiation therapists are trained specifically for their job, meaning they can adjust settings on equipment and ensure that patients receive a proper dose of radiation at all times.

The average salary for a radiation therapist is $80,000/year.

6) Algal Scientist

When you think of algae, you might only see green pond scum. However, algae is used in many different products.

Some algae can even be used to create biofuels and other sources of energy—it’s a pretty versatile plant.

If you’re curious about how algae is harvested and how it’s used as an energy source, then consider pursuing a career as an algal scientist.

7) Stenocaptioner

New stenocaptioners and captioners earn a mean salary of $48,000 with a median of $41,000.

The top 10% earns more than $76,600 per year. Most stenocaptioners and captioners work in offices, though some may provide services for their clients at home or on location.

Full-time workers typically work an average of 40 hours a week. Self-employed individuals can expect to put in more time during busy periods such as transcribing conventions or sporting events.

8) Crystallographer

Looking for a job that will let you look at lots of pretty sparkly things? Crystallographers study crystals and help manufacturers design them more effectively. It is one of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous fields.

It’s an analytical job, so you’ll be able to use your math skills every day if you choose to go into it. It’s also a largely technology-based field, so there are endless opportunities for advancement as technology advances further.

9) Physical Therapists

A physical therapist’s salary is based on a variety of factors, including location, experience, education and certifications.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that in 2012, physical therapists earned an average annual wage of $83,210. This figure reflects a mean hourly wage of $36.12 and an average income of $166,660 per year.

10) Bingo Manager

The Bingo Manager supervises employees at a Bingo Hall and is responsible for ensuring that customers have an enjoyable time.

Bingo Manager
Credits: Pixabay

Responsibilities include seating players, calling numbers, taking payment and checking identification when necessary.

Bingo Managers earn approximately $8 per hour in their first year of employment.

11) Surgical Technologists

Surgical Technologists are responsible for putting patients at ease, administering anesthesia, and assisting doctors with procedures. Surgical Technologists help make sure operations run smoothly and on time.

The job is complex and crucial, but it comes with a high salary: surgical technologists earned an average of $46,280 in 2016.

12) Audiologists

Audiologists are hearing specialists that deal with people who suffer from varying degrees of hearing loss.

A big reason why a job as a hearing aid specialist is one of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous fields is that patients with severe hearing loss can spend upwards of $2,000 for an assistive device and hundreds more for a follow-up visit. Those in medical administration make around $85,000 per year, while audiologists make $90,000 on average.

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Audiologists are in demand worldwide and have a projected employment growth of 22% by 2022. Audiologists assess, diagnose, treat, and manage auditory disorders such as hearing loss.

These professionals typically specialize in one aspect of auditory disorders such as hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

To become an audiologist, you should expect to attend college for about four years for your bachelor’s degree.

13) Billboard Installer

Anyone who wants to make a good bit of money has to consider becoming a billboard installer.

Their pay rate is $22,360 annually and workers usually have a lot of discretion in their jobs, which can lead to high levels of job satisfaction.

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The downside is that it takes an average of 13 months to become fully qualified for some jobs, which means that you’ll be working on an apprenticeship while being paid at a lower wage.

14) Bereavement Coordinator

The job of a Bereavement Coordinator is to coordinate or provide services during a funeral with an average salary of $39,000 annually.

The coordinator may be part of a funeral home or independent business and assists with funerals such as those in hospitals, homes, and hospices.

They communicate with families, arrange transportation and catering at memorial services, plan visitation and burial events, provide bereavement counseling if requested by family members of friends.

15) Embalmer

The job of an embalmer varies a bit depending on which country they live in, but overall, they perform a similar process.

The embalmer is responsible for preparing and preserving bodies of those who have died; they are also tasked with finding ways to display these bodies appropriately and respectfully.

Embalmers average around $41,000 per year, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data.

16) Content Creator

If you love making things and sharing them with others, a career as a content creator might be for you.

Content Creator
Credits: Pixabay

As more and more of our world moves online, companies need people to craft compelling visual and written content on a regular basis.

For example, you could create short videos that offer tips or advice on parenting, home-improvement projects or other issues.

17) Costume Assistant

As a costume assistant, you’ll be in charge of keeping wardrobe supplies organized, managing wardrobe on set, and dressing actors.

The position is expected to grow rapidly due to rising demand for film and television production as well as new opportunities in wearable technology.

Workers with experience can earn anywhere from $34k to $55k annually; entry-level workers will make closer to $25k per year.

18) Private Investigator

When you think of a Private Investigator, you probably imagine gumshoes in trench coats or watchful cops cracking cases on television.

However, there are plenty of jobs within the detective industry that don’t involve sleuthing, including computer forensics and fraud examiner.
According to Glassdoor, these positions pay an average salary of more than $73K per year—and that’s before any bonuses are included.

19) Braille Proofreader

A proofreader with an eye for detail and a passion for accuracy, Braille Proofreaders can earn between $50,000 and $74,000 annually.

These proofreaders look over documents transcribed into Braille to make sure that each line of Braille has been accurately translated from its original text version.

If a Braille word is spelled incorrectly or left out of a sentence, it’s their job to find and fix these errors before they reach blind readers who may be relying on their work.

20) Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Workers

Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Workers average salary is $65,000. In a nutshell, Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Workers are responsible for diagnosing, preventing and treating health issues.

Those who work in hospitals and doctor’s offices help patients with a variety of tasks like taking blood pressure readings or determining which medications a patient should take.

Others in these fields may create lists of supplies that need to be ordered or make sure medical equipment is working properly.

21) Elevator Inspector

If you’re looking for a high-paying career that lets you live out your curiosity, elevator inspector may be right up your alley.

According to Payscale, elevator inspectors earn an average of $90,000 per year – although median pay is closer to $74,000 – with professional growth potential.

To become an elevator inspector, a formal education isn’t necessary; training can be completed in about six months on-the-job training.

22) Flavorist

A flavorist is a scientist responsible for developing flavors and aromas used in food and drink products. By applying scientific principles, they are able to create new flavors that meet specific tastes and desires for consumers.

A bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biochemistry is usually required. Additionally, some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree or Ph.D.

Annual salaries can range from $40,000 to $100,000 depending on location and experience level of an employee.

23) Soap Boiler

A soap boiler is a person who prepares or cures soaps and other toilet preparations, with duties that include melting of fats or oils, mixing of different ingredients in certain proportions, keeping of records and ensuring cleanliness of equipment.

Soap boilers are sometimes called formulators, mixers or compounders.

The job requires good manual dexterity. But what’s it like to be a soap boiler? To get some answers, we talked to one career counselor from

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It’s not really like any other kind of job out there; there’s no specific career path for being a soap boiler because you have to learn how to do it on your own.

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24) Master Marijuana Extractor

It is a high paying job with good career opportunities. Master Marijuana Extractor should have a great deal of knowledge on how to produce cannabis extracts of excellent quality.

Work environment will differ as well, there are those who work in labs and others have mobile units that serve different dispensaries across US.

The average salary is $70,000 per year but it may vary according to experience and knowledge they have acquired throughout their career.

25) Hot Dog Cart Vendor

Even if you’re not a fan of eating hot dogs, it’s difficult to imagine anyone disliking being a vendor.

Hot Dog Cart Vendor
Credits: Pixabay

After all, who doesn’t love being outside in the summertime serving food? There are no formal requirements for becoming a street vendor. Typically, vendors need to get permission from local government and pay for their own licenses and permits.

Earning potential is about $30,000 per year depending on location.

How to Prepare your CV for a Miscellaneous Job Interview?

The best way to prepare for a Miscellaneous job interview is to know your background and pay attention to your reputation as a professional. At work, whether you’re a manager or an employee, you’re always on-the-clock in some sense.

Even if you’re not clocking in at 9 AM every day, most workers answer emails first thing in the morning and spend part of their day on non-work activities (checking social media, chatting with coworkers).

Your goal is to make sure none of these off-duty activities could possibly be construed as bad PR.

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If you don’t have anything negative lurking around online—and no one at work can think of any mistakes or slipups from previous jobs—you should be OK.


What is the easiest job that pays a lot?

Miscellaneous jobs such as flight attendant, personal chef, and even legal assistant have flexible hours that allow you to work while raising a family.

And believe it or not, some of these professions pay better than the ones on a doctor’s salary.

Which job has highest monthly salary?

In Miscellaneous, jobs with highest monthly salary are CEO, Project Manager, President and etc.

So, you should be familiar with these high paid jobs In Miscellaneous.

You can visit us for more related data about salaries of other professional In Miscellaneous.

What is the highest paying fun job?

The highest paying fun job In Miscellaneous is being a CEO. As the head of a company, you’ll make anywhere from $250,000 to $1,000,000 a year.

The second highest paying fun job In Miscellaneous is being an arbitrage trader.

If you can develop skills in data analysis and have some savings to invest, then you could earn about $800 per hour trading stocks for financial institutions and hedge funds.

What is the laziest job that pays the most?

Well, if you take a look at some careers In Miscellaneous, you’ll see that administrative assistants rank pretty high for least stressful jobs.

These positions offer good pay without requiring constant interaction with others. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

List of High paying jobs without a degree or experience?

If you’re looking for a high-paying job but aren’t interested in going back to school or taking courses, there are plenty of options without either.

Here are a few lucrative career fields that don’t require a degree or experience to enter.

In Miscellaneous fields are known for offering high pay without a degree, but if you want to get paid more in your field, look at one of these jobs instead.

1. Repairer
2. Assemblers
3. Fabricators

Repairers may fix equipment used in production lines and on ships, among other things.

This job requires no formal education or previous work experience; however, it does require manual dexterity as well as an eye for detail.

List of Highest paying jobs in usa without a degree

In Miscellaneous, and in America overall, there are many jobs that don’t require a degree—and some of them pay really well.

In Miscellaneous field offers many lucrative careers without a college degree.

An advanced degree can still help you get ahead in your career—but in Miscellaneous fields like these, your hard work is what gets you to where you want to be.

Here are some of our favorites:

1: Truck Driver
2. Repairer
3. Assemblers
4. Fabricators

With over 3 million truck drivers on American roads, driving a truck is one of the most common ways to make money without a degree.

You need no formal education or training beyond your state’s commercial driver license (CDL) requirement; CDL licenses typically require only a valid driver’s license from any state plus passing written and skills tests for driving certain types of trucks in certain states.

3 Jobs that pay over $300k

Here is a list of jobs that pay over $300k. These careers are in Miscellaneous fields and they tend to pay pretty well.

There are many of these jobs that require several years of experience and training, making them higher paying jobs with very little competition.

Not only do these high paying careers have high salaries, but they also offer benefits such as bonuses and compensation packages, among others.

1. Professional football player
2. Chief executive officer (CEO)
3. Anesthesiologist

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