How to watch the SpaceX Starship launch livestream (

How to watch the SpaceX Starship launch livestream

Following a scrubbed test on Monday, the colossal Space Launch System is ready for its first test flight, taking place from the company’s Starbase near Boca Chica Village in South Texas.

Musk kept expectations low for the first attempt(opens in a new tab) on Monday, and it was indeed warranted.

The broadcast will begin 45 minutes before liftoff in the YouTube stream above.

Tweet may have been deleted(opens in a new tab)

During the test, Starship will attempt to fly around the Earth and finally land down in water near the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know about SpaceX’s Starship launch.

Musk tweeted the update(opens in a new tab), adding “Learned a lot today, now offloading propellant, retrying in a few days.” Now, the rescheduled launch is due between 930 and 1030 a.m.

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