The Case Against Momfluencers (

The Case Against Momfluencers


Their images remain prominently featured in her content, including in very recent posts.

In another story touching on the ethics of posting images of children, Petersen talks to Erica Nolan, a trans mom in Portland, Oregon. While Erica does not make her daughter the focus of her account, she makes a point to post photos of her every now and then, with a sticker over her daughters face, just to normalize her own identity as a trans mom, Petersen writes.

Again Sounds good.

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InMomfluenced, Petersen discusses how an influencer named Katy Rose Pritchard has been forced to reevaluate her own Instagram platform and usage thanks to a stranger stealing photos of her and her children to use for role play. The anecdote touches on how momfluencers are beginning to reckon with the ethics of commercializing their kids.

Toward the end of the book, just to remove any ambiguity, Petersen explicitly clarifies that she does not take issue with the profession of momfluencing.

Maybe you should I wrote in the margins.

Theres nothing worse than feeling like Helen Lovejoy onThe Simpsons, a sniveling scold screeching wont somebody think of the children Moms are already judged so harshly, subjected to ridiculous expectations and often punished for deviating even slightly from cultural norms.


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