China denies hacking Kenyan government, ministries, and departments (

China denies hacking Kenyan government, ministries, and departments


In 2018, officials of the African Union said China had hacked the computer systems at its headquarters building which the Asian nation built for the union a few years ago.

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Aside from financing the construction of a new building for the AU, China also paid for the computer servers found in the headquarters.

Kenya isnt the only country under pressure to repay Chinese loans as Zambia who defaulted on payments in 2020 currently battles with debt restructuring.

The Chinese embassy spokesperson reiterated that both China and Kenya have shared a good relationship that spans 60 years. Moreover, it is a highly sensitive political issue to pin the label of a cyber attack on a certain government without solid evidence.

The attacks appeared focused on the debt situation.

Kenya, like many African countries, enrolled in Chinas ambitious infrastructure project called the Belt and Road Initiative. 151 countries have signed up for Chinas Belt and Road Initiative, a figure that accounts for nearly 75 of the worlds population.


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