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6 Free and Best Cloud Storage Apps (Android, iOS & PC) in 2023


In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of free and top-rated cloud storage apps that you can use to save important files and data on Android, iOS, and PC/laptop. These days, cloud storage has become a popular option for storing different types of files, including photos, videos, music, and documents.

Cloud storage or cloud storage is a digital data/file storage technology online with the help of virtual servers as storage media. In cloud storage, any data will be stored securely and can be accessed whenever needed by the account owner as long as there is an internet network.

In addition, one of the advantages of storing data in cloud storage applications is that it has a large enough storage capacity. Cloud storage applications can be accessed on various devices, both smartphones (Android and iOS) and PC or laptops. Well, there are two types of cloud storage, free and paid. People usually tend to choose free cloud storage applications.

List of Free and Best Cloud Storage Apps on Android, iOS and PC

Here on Naijaknowhow, you’ll find a summarised list of some of the best cloud storage applications that you can try to save important data and files:

1. DropBox – www.dropbox.com

Dropbox is a highly popular and reliable cloud storage service that can be accessed via both PC/laptop and smartphone. It can be easily downloaded for free from the Google Play Store (for Android) and the Apple Store (for iOS). With Dropbox, you can safely and conveniently store a large number of files. The standard capacity of Dropbox is set at 2GB, but you can increase it up to 18GB by inviting 32 friends to use Dropbox.

2. Google Drive – www.googledrive.com

Google Drive is a digital storage service provided by Google. It was introduced in 2012 and serves as an extension of Google Docs. This cloud-based application enables users to store various types of files and important data that can be accessed and edited at any time. For Android smartphone users, the Google Drive app comes pre-installed and provides a standard storage capacity of 15 GB. iOS users can download the app directly from the App Store.

3. OneDrive – www.onedrive.com

If you’re looking for a reliable cloud storage option, OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive / Windows Live Folder) is a great choice. Created by Microsoft, OneDrive allows users to securely upload and sync files, just like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can choose to use OneDrive for free or opt for a paid subscription. The storage space available ranges from 7 GB to 15 GB. If you invite other people to use the OneDrive app, you can even earn an extra 5 GB of storage space.

4. Box – www.box.com

Box is a highly popular cloud storage application that is widely used, particularly among business professionals. The Box storage service offers up to 10GB of free storage capacity, though file uploads are limited to a minimum of 250MB. It is commonly used for storing crucial files like documents, assignments, and work presentations.

5. MEGA – www.mega.io

Many people are familiar with the MEGA cloud storage application. It used to be hosted on a site called megaupload.com, but now it’s offered by Mega Limited as a free service with 50 GB of storage space. You can save a variety of file types, including photos, videos, music, and documents, among others, in this application.

6. TeraBox – www.terabox.com

Say goodbye to expensive subscription fees with TeraBox, and enjoy a vast digital space without breaking the bank. Imagine having all your files, photos, and videos securely stored in the cloud and easily accessible from anywhere at any time.

TeraBox is the most reliable provider of free cloud storage, supported by numerous reasons. It offers easy access from various devices, strong password protection, and a generous 1 TB of free storage space, making it the ideal choice for fulfilling all your cloud storage needs. You can read more about TeraBox and how to acquire cloud storage for free.


There you go! There is a lot of free and paid cloud-based storage for you but up here, I’ve handpicked and listed some of the free and best cloud storage apps to choose from on Naijaknowhow. Most of these apps can be installed and used on multiple devices such as your Android, iOS, laptop or PC. However, are there ones you’ve been reliant on? Then you can share using the comment box below.

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