Stop Killings, Kogi East Stakeholders Tell Kinsmen (

Stop Killings, Kogi East Stakeholders Tell Kinsmen


The Kogi East Critical Stakeholders have called on their kinsmen to stop burning properties and killing their people, adding that they should emulate the people of Kogi Central and West. 

“God will ordain Ajaka as the governor of Kogi State,” Achuba said while calling on Kogi East youth to stop destroying the properties of their brothers and be peaceful like the Kogi Central and West youths. 

Speaking during a press conference yesterday to endorse the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate Murtala Ajaka, the leader of the group, who is also the immediate Past Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Simon Achuba, said since they have all endorsed Ajaka, Kogi East people must remain peaceful. 

“Ajaka will win 75 votes in 9 local governments in Kogi East and Bassa. Ajaka will also win a substantial number of votes in Kogi central local government and in the West,” Achuba, adding that Ajaka is well prepared and much in the field.

The Kogi stakeholders also called on the law enforcement agents to be vigilant and be neutral in their duties before, during and after the election.  

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