Uniting African Talent: Feet ‘N’ Tricks hosts freestyle football fiesta in Cairo (sportingtribune.com)

Uniting African Talent: Feet ‘N’ Tricks hosts freestyle football fiesta in Cairo


The event, hosted by Feet ‘N’ Tricks International Limited, the biggest promoter of freestyle football in Africa, on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, saw Algeria taking home the grand prize of $3000, followed by Morocco with $2000, and Egypt with $1000. In addition, they also received DLK Clothing Signature’s merchandise.

Ahead of the main event, Feet ‘N’ Tricks also hosted the Egyptian National Freestyle Football Championships, showcasing local talent and further cementing the sport’s promoter’s commitment to promoting freestyle football in Africa. Mohannad Hossam emerged as the Egyptian Champion for 2023, Youssef Hossam took the 2nd prize, whole Mohamed Gamal (Gamey) came third.

With the successful hosting of Freestyle Connect Africa 2023, Feet ‘N’ Tricks has set a new benchmark for freestyle football events, as routine battle was the first ever in the World, solidifying its position as the biggest promoter of the growing sport on the continent.

It featured 14 elite athletes from across the continent, judged by three international freestyle legends, Joel Asare (former Ghanaian Champion), Ashley Mkhize (former South African Champion), and Yousef Ayman’ Yorok’ (former Egyptian Champion).

“This event is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of African unity and talent. We are proud to collaborate with AFREXIMBANK and WFFA, bringing together the best of African freestyle football.”

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