Wealthiest People in Argentina (May 2, 2023) (ceoworld.biz)

Wealthiest People in Argentina (May 2, 2023)


dollars, followed byGregorio Perez Companc (No. 2, 3.0 billion),Eduardo Eurnekian (No. 3, 2.1 billion) andAlejandro Bulgheroni (No. 4, 1.8 billion).

Eduardo Costantini, with a whopping 1.3 billion, occupied the 5th position among the top wealthiest people in Argentina.


Marcos Galperin 5.4 billionGregorio Perez Companc amp family 3.0 billionEduardo Eurnekian 2.1 billionAlejandro Bulgheroni 1.8 billionEduardo Costantini 1.3 billion

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As of May 2, 2023, Marcos Galperin was thewealthiest person in Argentina, with an estimated net worth of 5.4 billion U.S.


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