Examining venture funding trackers in the African tech ecosystem (www.benjamindada.com)

Examining venture funding trackers in the African tech ecosystem


Fast forward to eight years later, there are more than eight funding trackers developed by newsrooms and investors actively curating data about the tech industry on the continent.

Most of these trackers publish monthly, quarterly and annual state of funding reports.

One constant thing with datatracking on the continent is disparity due to the use of contrasting methodologies.

Alongside Benjamin Dada, Publisher and EditorinChief of Bendada.com Yinka Awosanya, Research Lead at Intelligence by Techpoint, Olanrewaju Odunowo, Head of TechCabal Insights and Margaret Ntambi, Venture Partner at Benue Capital, we examined the funding tracking landscape on the continent during this week’s BD Talks.

Most times, international institutions estimate these numbers which Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has described as “wild estimates” that “bear little relation to the facts on the ground.”

Until 2015 when Disrupt Africa released the first African tech venture funding data, there was also a data gap in the ecosystem.


    • Overview of venture funding tracking in Africa
    • Should we track MA as funding rounds
    • What’s an African startup
    • Monetisation and the way forward
      • Collaboration or a panAfrican tracking methodology


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