Escape From Tarkov’s latest update fixes a long-standing bug (

Escape From Tarkov’s latest update fixes a long-standing bug


While these technical updates are light on content, they often work on the underlying systems that underpin the game.

You can see the patch notes for the update here.

The headline feature for longterm players will be the full rework of flashlights.

Weapon mounted torches will no longer shine through walls and other obstacles, flashlights will no longer flicker while theyre turned off on your back something that has got many unaware players killed and the brightness and beam range of flashlights has been fixed. Its unaware what fixing means in this case, but theres a possibility some torches could now shine like the sun.

Theres also been a huge rework for the sound on Lighthouse and Interchange, with additional fixes to the soundscapes of Reserve and The Lab.

Dogtags of players within your group will no longer be considered as found in raid and will sell for just a single rouble, too.

This is the first step on the roadmap announced by developer BattleState Games.


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