All the iOS 17 updates Apple announced at WWDC (

All the iOS 17 updates Apple announced at WWDC


Instead of the screen going to sleep, this feature will turn the screen into a dynamic photo slideshow, a calendar of upcoming events, a clock, or a display of whatever customization you choose.

Autocorrectis now powered by an AI model that will learn your most frequently used words and personalize your chat experience over time.

Hey Siri is no longer the command phrase to start communication with Apples virtual assistant.Simply say Siri.

Other features include

Recipe search for similar dishes with a tap on the image of the foodimage cutout feature has an extension that helps users to look up the objects they have lifted from photos and videos to find more information about them.

Here it is

The Phone app gets an update for the first time in a long time.

Userscan now create personalized contact posters that will appear when a contact calls in.

Name Drop is a new Airdrop feature that allows users to share phone numbers and email addresses seamlessly by simply bringing two phones close together.

Name Drop works on iphones and on Apple watches too.

Journal is a new journaling app called journal. It uses ondevice machine learning to create personalized suggestions around photos, activities, locations, music etc.

Standby is a full screen experience when a user puts the phone down.


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