Veteran American Singer, Celine Dion, Confirmed To Be Battling Stiff Person Syndrome (

Veteran American Singer, Celine Dion, Confirmed To Be Battling Stiff Person Syndrome


Renowned Canadian singer, Celine Dion, has faced a significant health challenge as her sister, Claudette Dion, revealed that she is battling a rare and incurable neurological condition called stiff person syndrome. This condition manifests in uncontrollable muscle spasms, making it exceptionally challenging for the iconic performer.

After Celine was forced to cancel her world tour due to the debilitating effects of stiff person syndrome, Claudette spoke candidly to Le Journal de Montreal (via SheMazing) about her sister’s struggles and the impact on her life. Recognizing the necessity for rest and recovery, Claudette expressed how Celine needs to take a break to cope with the condition.

Despite the difficulties she faces, Celine Dion remains steadfast in her pursuit of a cure for stiff person syndrome, also known as “statue syndrome” by some medical professionals. Claudette shared that her sister is actively engaged with top researchers in the field, seeking any possibility of alleviating the symptoms and finding a breakthrough treatment.

As a performer admired worldwide for her iconic hit song ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ Celine Dion has always been dedicated to her craft, always giving her all and striving for excellence in her performances. Claudette acknowledged this unwavering dedication, saying, “Performing is innate to her, she’s disciplined in every area of her life.”

Despite the lack of effective medications for the condition, Celine’s determination and hope remain strong, which her sister Claudette emphasized as a crucial factor in her journey towards recovery.

A source close to the singer recently shared with US Weekly that the diagnosis came as a shock, but Celine’s fighting spirit remains undiminished. The confirmation of the condition has provided some comfort, as it enables her to focus on treatments specifically designed for stiff person syndrome, offering a glimpse of relief from its distressing symptoms.

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