Is Pragmatism a Bad Thing in Football? (

Is Pragmatism a Bad Thing in Football?


In football, the term “pragmatism” often raises eyebrows, as it’s too often misunderstood as synonymous with defensive play. However, it’s time to set the record straight. iLOTBET believes Pragmatism in football is not about being overly defensive; it’s about being flexible, adapting to different situations, and finding the best approach to secure a win or avoid a loss. And no one exemplifies this better than the man often associated with the term, Jose Mourinho.

Football is not only about finding ways to win; it’s also about finding ways not to lose. Pragmatism is the tool in the manager’s toolkit that allows for adaptability in pursuit of that goal. It’s the understanding that every game is unique, and the approach should reflect that.

This demonstrates that pragmatism shouldn’t be viewed negatively. It’s not a betrayal of a manager’s principles, but rather a demonstration of their tactical intelligence. Football is a dynamic sport, and the ability to tailor tactics to specific situations is a sign of a great manager.

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