100 days: Nigeria’s situation getting worse under Tinubu – Omotehinse (www.herald.ng)

100 days: Nigeria’s situation getting worse under Tinubu – Omotehinse


“The 100 days of the present administration under President Bola Tinubu cannot be said to have brought or recorded any significant progress, we have not seen any positive new development apart from what we have been witnessing from the last administration.

The President, Centre for Human and Socio-Economic Rights (CHSR), Comrade Alex Omotehinse, has said that 100 days of  President Bola Tinubu has not brought any significant progress to Nigerians.

“One can even say and correctly too, that in most areas things are even getting worse than it used to be,” the CHSR president said.

He noted that under Tinubu insecurity has increased in the North West, North Central and other political zones.

Describing fuel subsidy as the only benefit Nigerians are getting from its government, Omotehinse said, “With the removal you can see that the level of hardship has increased, transportation rate has increased and becoming unbearable, inflation in food prices, the bashing of the naira is getting funny and this shows that this administration has not encouraged Nigerians and a huge disappointment for those who voted for Mr. President.

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