Trump Skewers Bill Barr For Saying ‘He’s Toast’ After Indictment (

Trump Skewers Bill Barr For Saying ‘He’s Toast’ After Indictment


Former President Donald Trump called his former Attorney General Bill Barr a gutless pig after he stated that the former president is toast after the Biden Administrations federal indictment.

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Barr rejected Trumps premise that the indictment amounts to a witch hunt, adding that the indictment is very, very damning.

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I was shocked by the degree of sensitivity of these documents and how many there were, frankly, Barr said. If even half of it is true, hes toast.


I mean, its a very detailed indictment, and its very, very damning.

He was deathly afraid of the Radical Left when they said they would Impeach him.

He knows this indictment is Bull Turn off Fox News when that Gutless Pig is on

Jeffrey Clark, who served as Assistant Attorney General in the Trump Administration, disagrees with Barrs assertion that Trump is toast.

Im beginning to read the indictment against Trump, Clark said. But even three pages in, its clear that the leaks that preceded the indictment are far too close to what is actually being pleaded by DOJ to be a coincidence.

For example, in paragraph 6a on page 3, we hear about the recording of the Bedminster call, which the MSNBCs of the world have been beating a dead horse about for quite a while based on such leaks, he continued. This means that Trump lawyers could not possibly be the source of the leaks.

This idea of presenting Trump as a victim here a victim of a witch hunt is ridiculous.

Aaron Rupar (atrupar) June 11, 2023

Trump responded to his former attorney generals comments in a lengthy TruthSocial post on Sunday, calling Barr a lazy attorney general and gutless pig.

Virtually everyone is saying that the Indictment is Election Interference amp should not have been brought, except Bill Barr, a disgruntled former employee amp lazy Attorney General who was weak and totally ineffective, Trump wrote.

He doesnt mean what hes saying, its just MISINFORMATION.


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