Bimbo Ademoye Reveals How She First Experienced Betrayal From Her Mother

Bimbo Ademoye Reveals How She First Experienced Betrayal From Her Mother

In a conversation with media personality Hauwa Magaji, the 32-year-old movie star bravely revealed that her initial experience with betrayal stemmed from her mother leaving her life when she was a mere two years old. This revelation came about when the discussion veered toward her family, considering Bimbo often openly celebrates her father on various social media platforms.


“My mother is very much alive. She lives like fifteen to twenty minutes away from me. We just don’t have a friendship. My mum left when I was two and so the betrayal, my first ever betrayal came from my mother. I tried to build a relationship with her..right now we have a relationship as I am doing my duties as a child, paying the rent and allowance and all, and that’s about what we have. I am very okay with that. I am okay with the no friendship, no closeness zone that we are in for my mental health and for my own sanity.”

Renowned Nollywood actress, Bimbo Ademoye, recently delved into her past and shared her poignant first encounter with betrayal during an in-depth interview.

Bimbo recounted her emotional journey and disclosed that she is currently attempting to rebuild a connection with her mother by taking care of her.

In her own words,

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