Lalong allays fears of indefinite strike by labour (

Lalong allays fears of indefinite strike by labour


The minister of labour and employment, Simon Lalong, has expressed hope that the ongoing discussion between the federal government and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) will yield a positive outcome.

”We are here in the Office of the Vice President as part of our continuation of dialogue with the Nigeria Labour Congress on so many issues that we discussed and the follow-up.

On the planned indefinite strike, Mr Lalong said the federal government is deliberating very well with the NLC.

“As for me, I don’t think there is any problem, because we are moving fine with the NLC, and you know the posture of the president is towards improved welfare for the labour in Nigeria.

“We do not have any fear about some of the things they put up. Also, the suggestions and the packages are being looked into by the federal government,” he said.

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