What is Vega Protocol and How to Buy the VEGA Token? (academy.moralis.io)

What is Vega Protocol and How to Buy the VEGA Token?


Additionally, we’ll make sure you learn what the VEGA token is. As such, we’ll cover the basics of the VEGA crypto asset, including its tokenomics and utility.

Vega Protocol is a blockchain network designed to cater exclusively to crypto trading. Specifically, it is a protocol that allows other projects/individuals to create trading derivatives in a decentralized network.

So, what is Vega Protocol? Primarily, it is an L1 blockchain network – the Vega testnet and the Vega mainnet. However, it also refers to the entire Vega framework built by the protocol’s core contributors. The aforementioned project’s console is a great example. And so are Vega Wallet and the Vega Governance dapp.   

In order to deliver on the above-outlined advantages, Vega Protocol outlines some key concepts that enable trading and creating derivatives on a fully decentralized network. They are as follows:

By successfully implementing the above-outlined concepts, Vega Protocol aims to be better than CeFi and to help DeFi mature. 

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