Can you do internships after graduation? (

Can you do internships after graduation?


You may be wondering: can I apply for internships after graduation? Is it too late to get an internship after graduation? With so much competition in today’s job market, securing a job straight after graduating uni seems like the best option. It seems to be the gateway to early career ladder success. 

However, whether you’re looking to build your CV or expand your network, doing an internship after graduation is an excellent option, and it is widely possible.  After all, we are currently experiencing an evolving professional environment as the job market changes and there is more competition. This blog post will discuss the types of internships you can do after graduation, the benefits of doing internships, possible drawbacks, and the essential skills you can learn from them. 

Now that we’ve established you can do internships after graduation, think about how you can approach them in the most productive way possible. This includes how you believe they will fit in with your long-term professional objectives. After all, while it might be a stepping stone, the experience and insights you will gain can advance your career as a whole. 

Research from Statista suggests that graduates must be better informed that they can do internships after graduating college. Whilst ‘can I apply for internships after graduation’ has a search volume of 90, only ‘31% of graduates begin internships after graduating college in 2023’. This insight confirms the need to raise awareness.

In fact, ’completing a post graduate internship abroad or domestically makes you more marketable to future employers—but that’s especially true if you complete an internship for recent graduates abroad’. Many organisations offer graduates the chance to do internships abroad. Opportunities can be found on websites such as Projects Abroad and Go Overseas. Some offer fully paid internships, including Premier TEFL, Deloitte and KONE.

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