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Are you researching your options for overseas education? At JOKOS HQ, we help students figure out the ins and outs of studying abroad! As a leading resource for global higher education, we provide up-to-date information and advice to find your perfect fit. Read on to see how we can launch your international journey!

Guiding Students Worldwide

JOKOS HQ started out as a passion project by a group of international students wanting to help peers navigate education overseas. Over the years we’ve grown into the #1 portal for everything related to academics, student life, costs, immigration, and more across study destinations worldwide.

Our online platforms feature:

• Directory profiles for over 5,000 accredited universities abroad
• Course catalogs, tuition data and admission requirements
• Inside perspectives on student experiences
• Cultural guides to 50+ study destinations
• Travel tools and country-specific forums
• Expert coaching for each step of the process

We strive to empower students with the knowledge needed to discover the whole world of options. Then we provide personalized support so you can follow your global education dreams!

Advice You Can Trust

Sorting through so much information can feel overwhelming initially. That’s why JOKOS HQ also offers reliable 1-on-1 assistance free of charge.

Our student advisors have attended universities across six continents. They guide you in:

• Researching academic programs tailored to your goals
• Comparing costs of living across cities
• Submitting polished applications
• Securing student visas and travel logistics
• Accessing scholarships and financial aid
• Connecting with alumni mentors already abroad
• Preparing for culture shock and life transitions

We walk by your side at every milestone, from initial research to long after you step foot on campus!

Join Our Global Community

As you navigate your international education options, connect with 50,000+ students in our online forums. Exchange insights into academics, social life, work opportunities and more at universities spanning the globe.

You’ll also meet JOKOS HQ members local to your target destinations for inside information about housing, transportation, healthcare, cultural norms and various do’s and don’ts to smooth your adjustment abroad. Tap into this one-of-a-kind peer network as you embark on your adventures studying overseas!

Let JOKOS HQ Launch You Abroad!

The prospect of pursuing your degree internationally can seem dizzying, but we’re here so you never feel alone. Together we explore all avenues to discover your best-fit school and program across the world’s top study abroad destinations. Reach out today to get the process started!

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