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On average, the world's internet users spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. Over 70% are digesting while the remaining creating content. Hence, Social platforms generate millions of dollars daily on you!.

You create and digest the content, they get paid! Not any more. JokosHQ forum has come to redefine who earns. Join us today to get paid for creating, reading and sharing contents you love...

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How it works

You Create

You create the content using our creation tool and share contents to grow readership.

We Offer

We offer your content to advertisers using our advertisment platform and creatives.

Advertisers Pay

Advertisers pay for advertising their business and products on our website..

We pay you

We pay you monthly based on the views your posts and shares got.

Core Values

Seamless user experience for writers, bloggers, and readers. Adaptive earning system and affordable advertisment placement.

For Readers

  • World-class publications.
  • Topics you love.
  • Seamless engagement.
  • Educative growth.

For Earners

  • Flexible plans.
  • Unrestricted withdrawal.
  • Referral commission.
  • Daily activity earnings.

For Advertisers

  • Affordable advertising.
  • CPC, CPD advertising.
  • Unlimited ads formats.
  • Geo/Interest targeting (Coming soon).


John Okosun


Digital Marketer, Student and Wealth Creator popularly known as Blogging Prince. Nationality Nigeria and Born into a christian family of 7 (seven).

Started of as a Blogger in 2015, and later got acquinted with Web Designing, SEO, Digital Marketing and Money Making Online.

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  • Frequently Asked

    Yes. our post creation tool (link format) allows you to share your individual blog posts which will drive traffic to your website.

    There different types of post content you can create. Tutotials, News, Reviews etc

    There are various ways to earn money daily which includes sign up referral, post shares and post views.

    We provide buttons for all posts. When you share to facebook, twitter or whatsapp we record it. Whenever anybody click on shared link we pay you.

    We have different posts types which you can create. These could be toturials, news, reviews, etc. After submitting, you will earn PPM based on your monetisation score.

    1. Monetisation score attached to each post based on content quality : We person a test on your content 30minutes after publishing and gives it an automatic monetisation score which would decide the PPM earning of such post. You can always view this score at the post options menu.

    2. Specific PPM (Pay Per 1000views) for different post monetisation score : Below are the subgroups of monetisation score and their ppm ratio.

    • Less than 52 = Note monetised
    • 52 above = ₦360
    • 68 above = ₦450
    • 85 above = ₦600

    3. Addition PPM (Pay Per 1000views) ratio for post based on topics : We pay extra (added to your post ppm) depending on your post topic.

    • Agriculture = ₦0
    • Autos = ₦0
    • Business = ₦0
    • Design = ₦0
    • Digital Marketing = ₦0
    • Entertainment = ₦0
    • Finance = ₦0
    • Health & Wellness = ₦0
    • Industry = ₦0
    • Lifestyle = ₦0
    • Nigeria News Today = ₦0
    • Programming = ₦0
    • Science = ₦0
    • Society = ₦0
    • Sports = ₦0
    • Technology = ₦0
    • Timeline = ₦0
    • Webmasters = ₦0
    • World News = ₦0

    We have interesting posts in various topics. Whenever you leave a reasonable comment on any post, for each upvote the comment gets you receive tokens.

    We give a directly token earning of to users who refer

    No. However, the more persons you refer the higher your earnings due to our monthly referral percentage share.

    While you can withdraw your Naira balance at anytime, you are limited to a minimum and maximum withdrawal of NGN5000 and NGN30000 respectively.

    As long as your balance goes above the minimum withdrawal, you can withdraw at any time

    Yes. We provide you an affordable system with hundred of thousands of users to advertise your business. You can advertise with banners, native ads, CPC, PPM etc. learn more

    Any kind. Any business kind can be advertised on our platform. However, we review your adverts before we publish to ensure it not abusive or deceitful.


    Ready to grow your income? Choose the plan that best fit you. (Note: All plans are renewed monthly.)

    Free (₦0)

    • ₦1000, 320, 85 Welcome bonus.
    • Ability to get paid for created posts.
    • Uninteropted Ajax powered post loop
    • User referral commission.
    • Educative growth.
    • Ability to set content preference.
    • User following.
    • Daily activity earnings and withdrawal.

    Pro (₦1,499/month)

    • ₦1000, 320, 85 Welcome bonus.
    • Ability to get paid for created posts.
    • Uninteropted Ajax powered post loop
    • Educative growth.
    • User referral commission.
    • Ability to set content preference.
    • User following.
    • Daily activity earnings and withdrawal.
    • Access to performance insights of all posts (self and others).
    • Profile advertisement spot for personal promotions
    • Personal advertisement space below all posts..