Listen up future nurses – have you considered studying abroad in Finland? At Riveria Vocational School, they are now accepting applicants for their English-taught nursing degree programs starting in Fall 2024. As someone passionate about healthcare, I highly recommend checking out what Riveria has to offer. Studying nursing in Finland can launch your career in amazing directions!

I know the idea of picking up and moving to a new country can seem daunting. You may be wondering what’s so special about nursing programs in Finland? Well, lemme break it down for you. Finnish universities are renowned for their quality education, cutting edge research, and expertise in healthcare fields. Nursing students receive rigorous theoretical and practical training from experienced professionals.

The learning environment also promotes independence – nurses are given responsibility and critical thinking is encouraged. This builds confidence and leadership skills that really make graduates stand out. Finnish nurses are highly skilled, compassionate team players. Exactly the kind of qualities needed in healthcare today!

Specifically at Riveria, their Nursing degree aims to produce top nurses ready to make a difference in patient lives. The program includes lab training using high-tech simulation mannequins and robots. How cool is that? You get to hone your skills and critical thinking in lifelike situations, without risk to real patients. This takes nursing education to the next level.

Plus, Finland is on the global forefront of healthcare technology and research. You’ll be learning cutting edge developments in nursing science and new patient care methods. The facilities and technology offered will blow your mind. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself and launch a truly outstanding career.

So what’s student life really like for nurses in Finland? Well, you can expect a lot of independence and self-directed learning. Yet you’ll make close bonds with classmates during intense training together. The Finns have a special word, “sisu”, for the determination and passion that pushes through challenges. You’ll need sisu to handle difficult coursework – but it pays off.

Your hard work will be rewarded with mentorship opportunities at top Finnish hospitals and health centers. You’ll gain invaluable real world experience and contacts that open future career doors. Oh, and all nursing students get access to Finland’s amazing natural landscapes and recreational areas. Say hello to stress relief!

By now I hope you’re feeling pumped about nursing in Finland. But wait, there’s more you should know! Finns are known for being humble, honest, down-to-earth people. You’ll find teachers and colleagues support you personally and want you to succeed. Finland consistently ranks #1 for happiest students – it’s the healthy lifestyle and focus on wellbeing.

Work-life balance is key in Finland, so you’ll avoid burnout. Plus the Finnish love of nature, coffee, saunas and old-fashioned hygge creates a uniquely relaxing student experience. But with Finland’s cutting edge healthcare system, you’ll receive world-class training.

Okay, ready to learn more about Riveria specifically? Their Nursing degree program is taught fully in English, so no need to know Finnish. You’ll graduate as a Registered Nurse ready to start your career in Finland or abroad. The three-and-a-half year program admits students twice a year, in spring or fall semesters.

Riveria’s Nursing department has exceptional teachers, many with advanced degrees like PhDs. Small class sizes mean you get individualized attention to support your goals. The curriculum covers nursing theory, ethics, communication, health promotion, pharmacology, emergency care plus surgical and psychiatric nursing. You’ll also develop clinical skills during placements in hospitals and community healthcare settings.

By graduation, you’ll have gained a ton of hands-on experience with diverse real world cases. Riveria partners with nursing employers for seamless hiring after you complete studies. Your career prospects look great! There are always open nursing jobs, especially in aging countries like Finland with growing healthcare needs.

How do you apply to Riveria? Admissions are now open from February 15th, 2024 until February 29th for fall semester start. You’ll need to submit transcripts, proof of English skills, a letter of motivation highlighting why you’ll excel in the program, plus two academic references.

An entrance exam also tests your logic, critical thinking, and suitability for healthcare fields. Applicants who demonstrate compassion, responsibility and problem solving will stand out. Show your motivation to be part of Finland’s future nursing workforce!

Worried about affording studies abroad? Good news! Nursing students in Finland are entitled to financial aid from the government covering cost of tuition and living expenses. Check if you qualify after acceptance by filling out the financial aid application.

There are also scholarships offered for international students, awarded based on merit. Student housing is affordable too, even in bigger cities like Turku where Riveria is located. Shared apartments with other students make costs manageable. Many students work part-time campus jobs too.

Listen, I know taking the leap to study abroad seems scary. But imagine yourself in just a few short years, walking across the graduation stage with your Finnish nursing degree in hand! You’ll have amazing skills and experiences that set you apart in healthcare fields. Future employers will be so impressed with your motivation and cultural adaptability.

And you’ll have unmatched stories to tell, from all night sun during summer days up north, to watching the Northern Lights dance across Lapland’s winter skies. Not to mention embracing the gezellig Finnish tradition of relaxing in summer lakeside saunas. Plus you’ll have built global connections and friendships that last a lifetime.

So if you dream of an affordable chance to gain top-notch nursing education abroad, look no further! Apply now to Riveria Vocational School in Finland for a life-changing experience. Let them know you have the sisu – that Finnish spirit of resolve and resilience – needed to take your nursing career to the next level.

Check Riveria’s website here for program details and get your application in by February 29th, 2024.

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