As one of France’s most prestigious new university systems, the University of Paris-Saclay offers international students world-class education and research opportunities across STEM and social science programs. From streamlined admissions to affordable tuition and scholarship options, Paris-Saclay aims to attract global talent. This comprehensive guide outlines step-by-step how to apply as an international candidate.

Just established in 2019, the University of Paris-Saclay brings together and integrates 19 educational institutions and research bodies spanning elite French grandes écoles, multidisciplinary universities, and advanced research centers. With strengths in mathematics, computer science, life sciences, physical sciences, economics, and more, the university ranks 15th globally across university systems.

Paris-Saclay’s member institutions are clustered around the Paris suburb city communes of Saclay, Orsay, Gif-sur-Yvette and Evry. Yet the unified university administration and interdisciplinary course offerings create a collaborative academic environment. New ecovillage residential spaces are also being developed to house students across member’s institutions in one Paris-Saclay community.

Degree Programs Offered

Under this coordinated university network, Paris-Saclay offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Engineer’s degrees (equivalent to Master’s level), Doctoral and Post-Doctoral opportunities managed by its partner institutions. Popular disciplines covered include:

  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology 
  • Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical, Materials Science
  • Economics and Management 

Programs are internationally oriented and many taught fully in English at Master’s level to facilitate student exchanges.

Affordable Tuition for International Students

Unlike some European countries, public universities in France charge fairly reasonable tuition fees for international students making Paris-Saclay very affordable. Annual rates currently range between:

  • €2,500-3,700 for Bachelor’s programs
  • €3,500-5,200 for Master’s programs 
  • €4,000-8,000 for Engineering degrees

Tuition is set based on field of study but does not dramatically differ across member institutions. These costs are low by international standards. Of course, living expenses remain fairly high across the Paris urban area.

By comparison however, studying in France is budget-friendly, especially factoring the availability of merit scholarships and campus cost-of-living support. Strong academics could attend this leading French university for low overall costs.

Applying Directly to University

Interested international students can conveniently submit applications directly through each member institution’s admissions office coordinated via the Paris-Saclay website. There is no need to go through intermediaries like Campus France. Find your desired degree program and apply.

The open calls for applicants for entry each September close between January and early June depending on institutional calendars. Programs in more specialized scientific fields tend to have earlier timetables while social sciences and humanities options extend later.

Required Application Materials

Typical documents required for your Paris-Saclay application include:

  • Completed online application form        
  • Passport scan
  • Proof of payment of application fees  
  • Certified copies of diplomas/degrees 
  • Official academic transcripts and grading scales
  • Updated CV summarizing academic and professional experiences
  • Letters of recommendation (usually 2-3)
  • Statement of purpose articulating research interests and objectives
  • Personal identification photograph

Candidates to more competitive Master’s programs may need to submit additional writing samples like essays, academic papers published, scientific summaries etc. Liaise with admissions office to confirm specifications Click Here

Language Requirements

University of Paris-Saclay degree programs taught fully in English do not require prior French study, only strong English abilities. However, to obtain your student visa and transition smoothy, working French fluency will be key! 

For degrees taught natively in French, a minimum B2 proficiency must be formally assessed either by campus testing or credentials like the DELF, TCF. During your application review, evaluations are made on language skills. Enroll in French language courses early on even for English tracks.

Admissions Criteria and Process

When evaluating international applicants, Paris-Saclay member institutions prioritize excellence as demonstrated by:

  • Consistency of outstanding academic performance
  • Relevance of background education to intended program
  • Clear research motivations and preparation
  • Strength of professional experiences gained
  • Maturity, discipline and sense of direction 

Competition is stiff every application round for limited seats in top Paris-Saclay programs like computer science, economics, biology etc. Quantify past achievements when applying!

Campuses then use a comprehensive review process assessing applicants holistically on qualifications above. This may involve interviews by video early on to elaborate on research ambitions and experiences.

Wait times for final admission decisions could extend up to three months from application submission deadlines. Applicants also considering other universities often must commit to accepted offers early on, so proactively raise any questions to Paris-Saclay admissions officials when notified of campus results.

Affordable Tuition

As outlined earlier, annual tuition fees at Paris-Saclay remain below €6,000 even for coveted engineering and science programs as an international student. Beyond living costs, the stabilized tuition itself will not break budgets compared to American or English universities.

Internal Scholarships

The University of Paris-Saclay actively encourages talented applicants through competitive scholarship programs tied to research contributions. Excellence scholarships for instance waive tuition costs and provide a monthly stipend of €1,000+ for awardees to pursue cutting-edge investigations.

Scholarships get announced individually by member institutions during admission result notifications. Be bold in presenting ambitious research goals in your original applications and interviews to be considered early for funding slots, which increase acceptance odds.

External Scholarships

Finally, organizations like the French Embassy, European Union, and other global partners offer dedicated scholarship packages to support international students at Paris-Saclay for research or lab work specifically. The University coordinates these third-party awards with housing assistance and supplemental research funding.

So in summary, don’t let tuition costs deter you from applying to this up-and-coming French university system! Submit a persuasive application showcasing your academic and investigative talents. Solid financing support is available. And soon enough, you could be embarking on a fully funded Master’s program, gaining invaluable global experiences advancing science for social good at University of Paris-Saclay.

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